Why a collection of dragon teapots?

First of all, I have always been a big fan of dragons since my earliest childhood, a little thanks to the actor Bruce Lee, whom I like very much, who inspired me a little with the passion for this mystical animal during my adolescence. Later I tattooed one on each arm when I was 20 and living in London. Co-workers at the gym called me "Double Dragon". Here is just the little anecdote in introduction :)

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Dragon Chinois | Théières à la folie

Summary :

The dragon is a legendary creature that looks like a serpent with claws. It has a rather different meaning in China compared to most Western countries. Indeed, in the Western world, the dragon is often seen as an evil and frightening creature. He is associated with destruction and is regularly used in stories as a monster villain. In China, on the contrary, for centuries the Chinese dragon has been a symbol of success, strength, luck, happiness, power and prosperity. The dragon occupies a special place in Chinese astrology. Moreover, among the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, represented by animals, it is the one that everyone would like to have. I missed it by a year, I'm 77, year of the snake, that's not too bad either 😉 while the dragon is 76. When one is born under the sign of the dragon, one feels strong and powerful much like when one is a lion or a scorpion. It can influence the character, we expect to be lucky and to be a winner. The dragon is considered a very powerful being and it is believed to have many powers. He is the master of the elements: air, earth, sea and fire and is able to cause fire, rain, tornadoes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions. Dragon shaped teapots are very popular in Asia and particularly in China where they are used for large events and ceremonies. This is also why we also made one collection in our shop. It's a must!

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