​Théière chinoise en porcelaine ​Théière chinoise en porcelaine
Chinese porcelain teapot "anemones" from 37,00€
A small Chinese teapot in beautiful porcelain with a fine and slender pattern of pigmented anemones flowers. This one in three interesting variants, by the size, but also by a version with gilding, more sophisticated. The shape is traditional, the whiteness is exquisite, the colors bright. Note that the gilding very happily enhances the brilliance of the motif. A teapot that will be compatible with all teas: black, white, Puerh, Earl Grey, Oolong... Capacities: 450ml, 700ml, 900ml, the model with foil has a capacity of 450ml. Beautiful 45% bone china, fine, white, translucent, the pattern applied in underglaze, the quality gilding (gilding water imported from Germany) in overglaze. Internal filter. Brand : LanBeiJia  
​Service à thé pour 2 chinois bleu saphir | Théières à la folie ​Service à thé pour 2 chinois bleu saphir | Théières à la folie
Tea service for 2 Chinese sapphire blue 395,00€
A tea service in fine white porcelain dominated by an intense sapphire blue: The upper part of the teapot evokes with its lid the imperial forms of Chinese buildings. The delicate patterns of blue peonies occupy the whiteness of the body of the teapot and the two cups that accompany it. The bases are also enhanced with blue. The blue saucers welcome the whiteness of the cups. The gilding makes the transition with brilliance between the two opposite shades. To close this noble picture, the small golden spoons are equipped with a blue "imperial crest".  Capacity of teapot: about 900ml and cups: 200ml The bone china (bone china) is of high quality, 45% bone ash, baked twice at 1280°C, which makes it a diaphanous and luminous porcelain. The blue and gold glaze took shape with the porcelain during the second firing. The gilding water imported from Germany contains 15% gold at 24K. The 7-piece service includes: The teapot, 2 cups, 2 saucers and 2 spoons. Origine : Guangdong Marque : Linberg
​Théière porcelaine de jade fleurs émail  |  Théières à la folie ​Théière porcelaine de jade fleurs émail  |  Théières à la folie
Enamel flower jade porcelain teapot 590,00€
A small, typically Chinese jade porcelain teapot in the traditional Xishi shape. Of a milky white and opaline, it is surmounted by flowers sculpted in clusters and marvelously enamelled with subtle colours. The lid itself is enhanced with a flower bud. A very nice gift for a romantic occasion. Jade porcelain is made from mineral rocks using modern nanotechnology. It is also called mineral porcelain (logical!). "she is immaculately white, crystal clear, moist as grease..." Two emblematic models: Plum blossoms, emblem of resistance to harsh times like winter, they come out all the more beautiful! Pink lilies symbols of affection and tenderness but also of fertility. They are small: 250ml, but so pretty.  Chinese origin
Petite théière Xishi motifs folklore | Théières à la folie Petite théière Xishi motifs folklore | Théières à la folie
Small Xishi teapot with folklore motifs 28,00€
A famous little teapot in its Xishi style, we recognize its roundness, the folk-type motifs are hand-painted on a celadon porcelain, shiny and smooth. A little Chinese that has everything of a big, it is the must of everyday life to prepare a tea whether black, white or green.  Porcelain classified celadon, the pattern is painted in underglaze, the enamel obtained by high firing (1360°C) makes it a shiny, smooth, healthy and harmless enamel. Capacity: 150ml, height: 7.3cm, width with spout: 12.1cm Origine : Guangdong Marque : Kurisuta
Théière en pierre de Mongolie | Théières à la folie Théière en pierre de Mongolie | Théières à la folie
Mongolian stone teapot 179,00€
It is round, it is small, it has the colors of sand and earth, this teapot embodies our beloved earth. Nicknamed the Chinese medical stone, it was carved by hand in Naiman Banner, in Inner Mongolia, which explains its preciousness. Its texture and color are wonderfully natural. The stone has been carefully selected, ensuring that it is clean for carving, and then sorted to remove any finished objects detected as cracked. Certain stains such as biotite (dark green, brown or black) are natural stains. The teapot has been completely trimmed, the inner holes of the filter and the spout as well. Capacity: 260ml, height 9cm, diameter 9.5cm (an almost perfect scoop)  Note: no teapot will be identical, since cut in natural stone. The shape is that of a Chinese. Brand: Nlslasi
Théière céramique Théière céramique
JianZhan "peacock" ceramic teapot 95,00€
A marvel of Chinese pottery, here the JianZhan. A ceramic teapot in the colors of the peacock, changing reflections, enamel with a crystalline texture, moire patterns and crystal flowers. A real pleasure for the eyes and the senses. It seems that the tea water is improved by the ionic action of the components of this ceramic. The shape of the first model recalls that of a rhinoceros, the second model is simply a yokode, Japanese teapot with a side handle. The third model kept its traditional Chinese shape.  The clay-based glaze with a high iron content and vegetable ash, subjected to very high temperatures, undergoes extraordinary changes, crystallization. JianZhan was one of the representatives of the most famous black porcelain of the Song dynasties in China. Note: the interior of the teapot has kept the initial smooth appearance of the porcelain. Origin : Fujian Dehua
Service thé de Jingdezhen un classique | Théières à la folie Service thé de Jingdezhen un classique | Théières à la folie
Jingdezhen tea service a classic 62,00€
A great Chinese classic and popular with this small tea service in beautiful porcelain from Jingdezhen. We recognize the traditional motif of a bird on a flowering branch, probably a flowering plum tree, emblem of the happy times of spring after hard winter times. The dragon on a yellow background emblem of wisdom and luck, for the 2nd model. And then the blue white illustrated here for the 3rd model by peonies, symbols of beauty and love, and also of abundance and social success. This is what each of these timeless sets wishes you when you have tea. For Chinese, the capacity of the teapots is rather generous: 350ml, the cups also: 100ml Beautiful porcelain from Jingdezhen which we no longer have to praise. The patterns are applied with pigments on the clay, then a transparent glaze covers them. This technique is called "underglaze blue" because it was by applying cobalt that this technique began. We have a shiny and smooth porcelain.  Origin : Jingdezhen Marque : Vinrito
​Petite théière verte ​Petite théière verte
Small green "ice flower" teapot 60,00€
A small teapot full of freshness, the enamel of the ceramic is shiny, the color loaded with pigment of a tonic and invigorating green. The light and powerful pattern was painted freehand. Small "cracks" in the thickness of the "ice" influence the light which plays with the colors with changing reflections, and gives them depth. The Borneol glaze is characterized by the application in several layers. 3D cracks reflect light and give relief to underglaze colors. Capacities of 2 models: the pear teapot is 170ml, the smallest 150ml, the Chinese ones are small, we can consider that they are individual teapots. craftsmanship Jingdezhen
​Petite théière chinoise ​Petite théière chinoise
Small Chinese teapot "ice crystals" 19,00€
A small traditional Chinese teapot, which has kept its look and its incredible ceramic structure due to the sands of the Dehua region. Its color is crystalline, it seems "cracked into rose petals" letting the light seep into its depth, the appearance is shiny, delicate the color highlighted. As a result, all color variants are equally bright. The glaze made from purple sandstone from the Dehua region is thickly coated on the tire of the teapot. Treated at very high temperature, it crystallizes and forms 3D cracks and allows light to pass through its thickness. Traditional craftsmanship, ancestral know-how. Teapot capacity: 201/300ml Origin : Dehua Fujian  
​Théière en céramique de roches minérales | Théières à la folie ​Théière en céramique de roches minérales | Théières à la folie
Mineral rock ceramic teapot 119,00€
Superb rustic red teapot... not blue... not green... finally a pottery from Dehua, in beautiful ceramic from natural rocks, minerals which always have an exceptional effect in terms of material, color and texture. Authenticity and nobility are in agreement.  The glaze on the pottery tire is made from mud with a high content of sand, ore, turquoise, red agate... During high temperature firing, chemical changes and natural oxidation that gives the marvelous, the incomprehensible. Additionally, the ions obtained from this chemistry are said to have a softening influence on the water used for tea. The tea will only be better. The teapot is not very small for a Chinese: 350ml  Origin: Dehua, one of the leaders in porcelain and ceramics
​Petite théière en porcelaine chinoise Xishi | Théières à la folie ​Petite théière en porcelaine chinoise Xishi | Théières à la folie
Small Xishi Chinese porcelain teapot 25,00€
A small unpretentious Chinese teapot, but it has everything of a big one. In several variants, all of the same shape and size, in beautiful porcelain it remains simple and refined with its button mounted in silver jewellery. Delicate patterns differentiate them, all finely painted by hand in overglaze, pretty brushstrokes and fine gilding to enhance them. It is above all a personal teapot, which can become a daily faithful, even when travelling. Compatible with all teas: black, white, green, Oolong, puer... Xishi teapot, the authors are: Folk artists Capacity of the teapots 220ml, their size: 13.8cm X 9.3cm Marque : Jingde Ceramics 
Service à thé gré feuillage bleu-gris | Théières à la folie Service à thé gré feuillage bleu-gris | Théières à la folie
Blue-gray leaf tea service 59,00€
Soft tones for this stoneware teapot with its cups around it like flower petals. It is a Chinese tea service, its teapot is much smaller than the Japanese ones of this shape. Pretty oval, the foliage patterns spread over the curve of the teapot and cups. We have a nice blue-gray clutter that blends into the white-gray color of the porcelain. A nice gift, intended for the tea ceremony in all simplicity. Bamboo handle, which can be removed for washing. This natural element adds to the whole authentic and simple. Freehand underglaze painted motifs with a beautiful gloss. Capacity of teapot: 300ml, cups: 80ml