​Théière en cuivre artisanat de l'Inde | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cuivre artisanat de l'Inde | Théières à la folie
Handicraft copper teapot from India from 299,00€
Yellow copper (or brass) teapot from Indian craftsmanship. Rich and stylish design, molded, sculpted, polished, chiselled by craftsmen with great talent. A useful and decorative teapot, for homes looking for an art and authentic object. Hand casting, followed by hand sculpting. The casting technique is old-fashioned whose procedure is to use copper water at about 900°C as the raw material and sand as the casting material. Brass, which is an alloy, is solid, thick and resistant. Welds at more than 900°C by hand are massive and strong. 3 capacities to choose from: 600ml with 20cm height, 500ml with 18cm height and 400ml with 17cm height. Its maintenance: after use, dry it carefully. If it tends to tarnish, a 1:1 mixture of salt and vinegar will do, rub with an iron sponge, then rinse and dry thoroughly.  Origin: India Marque : Yove Shone 
​Théière artisanale indienne laiton | Théières à la folie ​Théière artisanale indienne laiton | Théières à la folie
Indian craft brass teapot 179,00€
An artisanal brass (or yellow copper) teapot of Indian origin, its majestic design is richly engraved and polished by hand, the massive handle is beautifully forged. The frieze and rosette motifs have been engraved and chiselled with talent. A very beautiful object which, in addition to being useful, is an extremely decorative element for homes in search of subtlety. Brass is an ancestral alloy of copper and zinc at 60/40, sand cast, polished and chiseled by hand. Its beautiful capacity and its alloy allow it versatility in addition to its function as a teapot.  For maintenance: Keep it dry after use. To restore its shine, nothing better than a 1/1 mixture of salt and vinegar, rub with an iron sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly. Capacity: 850ml, height 16cm Origin: India Marque : EnergeSpring
​Samovar en cuivre artisanat turque | Théières à la folie ​Samovar en cuivre artisanat turque | Théières à la folie
Turkish handicraft copper samovar 259,00€
Splendid copper samovar, forged, hammered, chiselled by hand. Designed to be outdoors, it is equipped with a boiler that runs on coal, the water heats up and stays hot for a long time, it can even be used for a shower! So a perfect device for gardens, balconies, boats or campsites. But also this beautiful object with floral motifs, is extremely decorative in a home. The copper is tinned inside for added safety and durability. The set includes: The Sim Samovar stove, Kapak the water tank with its lid (3L, 30cm in diameter, 38cm in height and 3 kg), the 1L teapot with wooden handle, the chimney and the tap. Instructions: Fill the tank with water, fill the lower compartment with charcoal and light, the fire can be fueled by the chimney. The smoke in the chimney passes through the water tank. In the tank the water is boiling. At the top the teapot can be placed and kept warm. Attention! never leave the samovar without water! After use, empty dry. Spanish origin
​Théière en cuivre artisanal à picots | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cuivre artisanal à picots | Théières à la folie
Handcrafted Copper Spike Teapot 220,00€
A hand-stamped and hammered copper teapot kettle. She is beautiful in all postures. Its red reflection flatters the regular pimples which testify to great dexterity on the part of the craftsman. The lid is superbly worked, with a button mounted in real goldsmithery. The handle is plaited evenly and tightly, then riveted. The material is beautiful and noble, the tea water will be treated well. Copper is more than 97% pure, water fears nothing, except to soften under the effect of the ions released by boiling. It is not difficult to maintain copper, if it tarnishes, a little vinegar and salt will do the trick. The interior over time will darken but this does not affect the positive effect of boiling.  Capacity: about 1400ml Compatible with ceramic electric stove, flame, but not induction, or microwave. Origine : Guangdong Marque : EnergeSpring Note: Limited stock
​Théière en cuivre rouge artisanal | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cuivre rouge artisanal | Théières à la folie
Handcrafted red copper teapot/kettle 215,00€
A superb teapot with warm and lustrous reflections, like old waxed leather, its design is reminiscent of seams made around it to give the rounded shape. And then all things considered it is: it was cut, formed, forged and hammered with the immense know-how of talented craftsmen. The water will be boiled and made clean to delicious tea. When the water boils, the copper releases ions and will act on the water of the tea which will be improved. Our elders know this and used copper a lot. The interior may darken, but this does not affect the water. For maintenance, a little vinegar added to a little salt, with a clean cloth, rub, rinse wipe. Capacity: 1300ml, it is suitable for electric ceramic and gas stoves, no induction. Chinese origin Certification : SGS Please note: limited stock
​Théière cuivre pur, manche latéral bois | Théières à la folie ​Théière cuivre pur, manche latéral bois | Théières à la folie
Pure copper teapot, wooden side handle 95,00€
Handmade copper teapot, fully hammered and shaped by hand, excellent work of art. Solid wood handle, superb reflection of pure copper hammering. Practical, simple, beautiful, classic and luxurious atmosphere assured. Copper supplements the trace elements necessary for the human body. In addition it has a fungal effect. For the maintenance of lemon or vinegar and baking soda will do the trick to regain all its shine.  2 models: With straight spout, or with V-spout Capacity: 400ml Origine : Guangdong province
​Théière chinoise antique cuivre | Théières à la folie ​Théière chinoise antique cuivre | Théières à la folie
Chinese antique copper teapot from 120,00€
Antique Chinese copper teapot, hammered, chiseled, engraved by hand, beautiful domed shape, stylish, the handle bears witness to great forging work, the lid also glossy formed into a bell. The polishing is impeccable, the interior smoothed, ready to receive boiling tea water. A teapot that shows a lot of nobility and inspires respect. The teapot is available in 4 sizes: 550ml, 830ml, 1400ml, 1600ml - Chinese origin - Master Crafting
​Théière Turque en cuivre émaillé couleurs  |  Théières à la folie ​Théière Turque en cuivre émaillé couleurs  |  Théières à la folie
Turque teapot enamelled colors from 150,00€
Splendid Turkish copper teapot traditionally enamelled in bright colors. The authentic double teapot with wooden handles. Feel free to use it daily to serve and drink your tea. Large kitchen kettle. Production artisanal Origin of production: Turkey Color: black teapot, and variants red, white, blue Thermal resistance top: 0.5 lt Thermal resistance bottom: 1.6 lt Capacity: 1.8L
​Théière turque en cuivre artisanale | Théières à la folie ​Théière turque en cuivre artisanale | Théières à la folie
Handcrafted Copper Turkish Teapot 175,00€
Double Turkish teapot, in hand-hammered copper. This one is content to be decorated tone on tone. Double wooden handles. The 2nd version exists in silver. Small reminder, The interior or exterior silver color of the copper teapot is that it is "tinned", that is to say covered with tin in order to preserve it from oxidation. Capacity: 1L
​Théière en cuivre cylindrique | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cuivre cylindrique | Théières à la folie
Cylindrical copper teapot 110,00€
A small Japanese hammered copper teapot that gives a lot of style to the tea service. Cylindrical in shape, it is stable and safe, with a very high handle and covered with protective braiding.  This beautiful craft object, hammered is also offered in "aged".Material: CopperHandmade Capacity: 301-400mlBrand Name: LISM
​Théière en cuivre martelé ​Théière en cuivre martelé
"Jewel" hammered copper teapot from 75,00€
Hammered copper teapot, a real gem! This handmade copper teapot. Its roundness highlighted by the hammering of the copper, the jewel button on the lid, the high handle: It has everything a great one, here it is combined in several volumes and design and some hammering variances. Little reminder: Copper, in addition to being decorative, and the author of a number of benefits for the body (reduces anemia, and prevents certain infectious diseases) Hammering variance in all its artisanal beauty. Capacity (600ml/1.6L) Models presented with their equally aesthetic electrical base. Chinese originMaterial: copper Certifications : SGS,CIQ
​Théière chinoise en cuivre rouge | Théières à la folie ​Théière chinoise en cuivre rouge | Théières à la folie
Chinese red copper teapot 130,00€
Crafted from red copper, this Chinese teapot is perfect for steeping your tea. Its durable construction, sophisticated design, and long life make it a great option for tea lovers. Nice capacity for a red copper teapot aged or not, with filter.  Quick Reminder: Copper is known to be resistant to potential bacteria, which could grow in the teapot. It cleans up well with water and 5% vinegar. Capacity: 1.2LBrand Name: ENERGE SPRING