Théière verre oeuf de dragon des temps modernes | Théières à la folie Théière verre oeuf de dragon des temps modernes | Théières à la folie
Modern-day dragon egg glass teapot 55,00€
Smoked glass teapot, modern dragon egg design. The design is a great Chinese classic, the material is modern. Alliance of traditional with contemporary technology, simplicity and efficiency are the key words to describe this little teapot intended to be on all fronts. For all moments, for all teas. Borosilicate glass which resists large temperature variations (-20°C to 150°C), this makes a versatile teapot to be used without restriction. 240ml. Style: Modern/Practical/Aesthetic Chinese origin
Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie
Dragon egg ceramic and silver teapot 180,00€
Ceramic and silver teapot, a Dragon egg as we like. Pure ovoid lines, shine and luminosity for superb artisanal pottery. Its refined, precise pattern executed by hand takes shape with the plated silver, and gives a feeling of depth and relief. The dragon, emblem of wisdom, power and luck, can be a magnificent masculine present. The egg represents life, projects.  The process of silver gilding is to grind 99.9% silver into fine powder melted at high temperature in ice water, and then paint the surface of the teapot. It is annealed at high temperature so that the silver takes shape with the ceramic. Then comes polishing, of which we can see the traces of manual intervention. We then proceed to execute this wonderful Dragon motif, rich in color, detail and precision. This teapot has the same qualities as a silver teapot. Remember that silver is germicidal and bactericidal, it softens the tea water which makes it tastier "it has the softness of silk" say the ancients. Capacity 170ml, height 9cm, diameter 11cm. Ball-to-hole filter. Manufacturer's signature Chinese origin 
Théière en argile oeuf de dragon blanc Yixing | Théières à la folie Théière en argile oeuf de dragon blanc Yixing | Théières à la folie
Yixing White Dragon Egg Clay Teapot 180,00€
Yixing white dragon egg clay teapot, handcrafted, its color is not really white, it is the rocky color of its clay, sand color, exquisite natural color with a simple and sober bamboo pattern. Bamboo evokes the power of longevity and the great resistance to bending to get back up again. This is a superb gift for a tea connoisseur, for someone who appreciates craftsmanship full of authentic values.  Purple clay or Zisha comes from Yixing in China, it has the optimal properties for the best clay teapots. Despite its name, natural zisha can be white, or at least the color of its sanded rock. Hence this wonderful sandy ivory tone. In any case excellent for enhancing the aromas and taste of tea. Black tea, flavored tea, Oolong, Puer, Dahongpao, Tie Guanyin to name the traditional ones, but English tea will also be welcome. Teapot capacity 220ml Style: Craft/High-end/Chinese Author: Folk Artists Brand: Nlslasi
Théière en argile oeuf de dragon vert | Théières à la folie Théière en argile oeuf de dragon vert | Théières à la folie
Yixing Green Dragon Egg Clay Teapot 229,00€
Yixing green dragon egg clay teapot, from the same family as the designer teapot black dragon egg. This one, just as elegant, reveals the hand-engraved dragon patterns on a very chic patinated green, while on the other side we can see signs meaning "a dragon rolling on the ocean". The dragon, Chinese emblem of wisdom, luck and power, can be everything one could wish for in a man. It can be intended for a tea lover, but also for a couple who share the same taste for beautiful things to experience. Remember that the taste and aromas of tea are superbly preserved in a clay teapot, especially if it is a purple (or violet, or Zisha) clay extracted from Yixing, rich in raw ore. Capacity of 260ml, filter with holes. Style: Pottery/Tradition/Tea lover For black teas, flavored Oolong, Puer, Tie guanyin, Dahongpao and others. Author: Folk Artists Chinese origin Marque : JingdeTeaSet
Théière en argile oeuf de dragon noir Yixing | Théières à la folie Théière en argile oeuf de dragon noir Yixing | Théières à la folie
Yixing Black Dragon Egg Clay Teapot 190,00€
Yixing black dragon egg clay teapot, an object full of mysterious elegance. We could dedicate it to a man, all the ingredients are there. A glossy black, hand-engraved design of a dragon, the Chinese symbol of wisdom, power and luck. The size is small, personal, it is intended for a tea connoisseur. We know that the clay teapot is the best ally for the taste and aroma of tea, especially if it comes from the Yixing region where Zisha, purple clay (this is its very name) is extracted. if its color is black here!) This black mud is rich in raw ore.  Volume 200ml, 9-hole ball filter. For black, flavored, Oolong, Puer, Dahongpao, Tie Guanyin teasVolume 200ml, 9-hole ball filter. Style: Craftsmanship/Traditional/Manly  Author: Folk Artists Chinese origin Marque : JingdeTeaSet 
Magnet teapot holder golden dragon ​Théière aimant support dragon doré | Théières à la folie
Magnet teapot holder golden dragon from 119,00€
Teapot with magnet on its handle, it is placed on a fantastic support of a dragon with golden scales. Its horns hold in the air the filter container which will release its infusion on contact with the magnetic handle-tail of the dragon. For the amateurs, it is a superb device which will put "wonderful" in the ceremony of the tea.  The principle of the magnetic teapot is simple, a steel ball is placed under the filter at the bottom of the upper container. The teapot is housed below and it is then freed from the ball sucked in by the magnet located in the handle. This allows the tea or any infusion to take the necessary time and then be served. Borosilicate glass is not afraid of boiling liquid.  The teapot has a capacity of 350ml, the filter container 300ml, the cups 120ml. Resin dragon stand. The second model is finely adorned on its glass with a superb thundering dragon in gilded metal. Chinese origin.  
​Théière/mug Dragon en argile | Théières à la folie ​Théière/mug Dragon en argile | Théières à la folie
Clay Dragon teapot/mug 42,00€
An individual teapot or a mug with filter and lid, the use is the same for those who intend to drink their tea alone. This one in Yixing clay, is especially powerful in theme, that of "supreme dragon", in rich pattern and finely executed by hand, in material that is purple clay, renowned for centuries. The dragon symbol of wisdom, power and luck is very suitable for a male gift. Excellent accessory for the office, it will not fail to attract attention and interrogation. Purple clay or zisha comes from the Yixing region, it is loaded with various minerals and is a strong unglazed ceramic.  Capacity: 300ml Arts and crafts Style: Chinese traditions re-visited, contemporary.
​Service thé céramique Opération Dragon | Théières à la folie ​Service thé céramique Opération Dragon | Théières à la folie
Operation Dragon ceramic tea service 135,00€
A complete Chinese tea service, in handcrafted ceramics, for those who love the genre. Fantastic staging with a dragon enveloping the entire system of the service: This one equipped with an upper receptacle filter in which boiling water is poured over the leaf tea, by hand rotation, the infused tea is released and flows from the dragon's grimacing jaw into the small teapot placed below. Ideal for a ceremony, or a festive setting with friends, to share all possible teas. Beautiful ceramic, in several versions from satin to super shiny, with intense natural pigments. Capacities of the upper receptacle filter: 180ml, of the teapot: 125ml, of the cups: 45ml
​Set à thé Dragon en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie ​Set à thé Dragon en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie
Yixing Clay Dragon Tea Set 79,00€
A mythical staging for followers of ceremonies, of the dragon for this one. Beautiful Yixing purple clay tea set, fully hand modeled, fabulous craftsmanship in shaping, molding and engraving. The teapot can be used alone, but a surprising fountain system can enhance the tea ceremony. Six beautifully engraved cups are part of the adventure. 2 versions, one in red clay decorated with black, the other opposite is black decorated with red. Purple clay or zisha is a land that is in the Yixing region, where their workshops have for centuries been making it a major asset to their wonderful pottery. Marque : Jingde tea set 
​Théière et tasses en argent massif, Dragon | Théières à la folie ​Théière et tasses en argent massif, Dragon | Théières à la folie
Teapot and massive silver cups, Dragon from 1.250,00€
This teapot is not alone, it comes with 3 or 6 cups with the same superb pattern. A pure silver service, shaped and hammered by hand. The motif of a snaking dragon on the body of the teapot and cups, stylized, between flames and clouds of steam. The spout and the handle are polished, patinated, and give a mastered rendering of the whole. The small cups no less worked, are smooth inside, like the teapot elsewhere. The dragon is the symbol of wisdom, power and luck. "Silver tea has a softer water quality, the silver and sodium ions released have a disinfection role" that's why silver was offered to newborns.  Sterling silver has been crafted for over 300 years in Hunan Yongxing, the silver capital of China. Teapot: 200ml, 180g. Cup: 25ml, 30g
​Théière en argent cloisonné dragon saphir | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent cloisonné dragon saphir | Théières à la folie
Silver cloisonné dragon sapphire teapot from 2.650,00€
Pure silver teapot, with a magnificent cloisonné pattern of a sapphire blue dragon on a sunny yellow dotted with pastel stylized clouds. Nice size for such a precious object, rounded highlighting the dragon which spreads over the entire width of the body of the teapot. Sturdy, plump spout and silver interior are smooth, polished, reflective. The whole thing is gleaming, punctuated by a large sandalwood bead like the icing on a cake, but what a cake!   The dragon has been an auspicious sign and a symbol of prosperity, luck, wisdom and power since ancient times. Reminder: Cloisonne is a technique where thin strips, here of silver, are firmly welded to the tire of the teapot, to form the pattern, in which the ceramic is applied. Here we have a doubly precious teapot, it is silver and it is cloisonné. 999 sterling silver, silver has many health benefits, but we can remember that it has anti-bacterial power. The ancients used it to preserve food. Teapot size: 420ml weight 365g or 385g. Origin: Hunan Yongxing, Chinese silver capital.
​Théière japonaise argent pur oeuf de dragon | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise argent pur oeuf de dragon | Théières à la folie
Japanese teapot silver pure dragon egg 1.120,00€
Pretty little Japanese teapot in the shape of an egg, that of the dragon certainly, this myth of the dragon made of silver, represented in such an ingenious and artistic way. The silver is carved, gilded in an artisanal way. The jade handle and lid knob add precious value to this iconic object. 999 silver, the one you can't fault. Healthy, antibacterial, and luminous. This is handicraft measurements may be slightly approximate Capacity: 180ml Weight: 200g Diameter: 7cm Height: 9cm Delivery costs are included in the price.