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Théières à la folie !

Welcome to the world of teapots

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The teapot the timeless gift.

The teapot is an object of conviviality that likes to gather. Here you will find what is difficult and tiring to search in the stores, because they are too scattered. The choice of Théières à la folie is to surprise, to allow you to say to yourself: “Oh that’s my (or his) style!” Because there is a choice of style: the flowered teapot, the Gaiwan the not ordinary, the precious, the funny, the authentic and the rustic. The weird ones, the classic ones, the antique ones, world teapots all of the best qualities with an array of materials, designs and prices to suit all tastes.

Service à thé porcelaine patchwork asymétrique | Théières à la folie Service à thé porcelaine patchwork asymétrique | Théières à la folie

Asymmetrical patchwork porcelain tea set

Asymmetrical patchwork porcelain tea set, this is as much about the design as the pattern. The uneven design with half-smooth, half-serrated edges, the half-rational, half-emotional patterns are joined by fine golden edging. The half-eastern, half-western style provokes an aesthetic and magical encounter between two worlds. The crane is a symbol dear to the East, a sign of longevity. The style is collision and fusion of luxury and lightness. Superb luminous porcelain, finely worked patterns applied in overglaze. Gold water gilding imported from Germany applied by hand. Fine borders mark the borders between the differences in height and the patterns. The teapot has a height of approximately 13cm and the same width, the cups have a capacity of 270ml. 2 models: Cranes with 100 flowers, Butterflies or purple cloud parrot. Certifications CE/EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS. Origine : Guangdong
Service thé porcelaine style anglais rétro | Théières à la folie Service thé porcelaine style anglais rétro | Théières à la folie

Retro English style porcelain tea service

Retro English style porcelain tea set, we could add “nature and birds” themes. The Western design is common to the three variants offered, a plump pear-shaped teapot with a small collar which surrounds the lid itself enhanced with a flat button rimmed in gold. The cups also have a tall shape with a hollow saucer in common to avoid small overflows due to handling incidents. The patterns shine with grace and poetry in red, emerald green or pink and soft green tones, on luminous white porcelain. The porcelain is of good quality, the graceful and fresh patterns are applied underglaze, the fine gilding on the edges is also of good quality. The service includes the teapot, 4 cups and 4 saucers with 4 small flower spoons, in 12.5cm golden stainless steel. The 1L teapot measures 13.5cm in height and 23cm in width. The 7cm high cups have a diameter of 9cm, the hollow saucers have 14cm in diameter. Certification : CIQ Chinese origin
Théière porcelaine fleurie de roses so british | Théières à la folie Théière porcelaine fleurie de roses so british | Théières à la folie

Porcelain teapot decorated with roses so British

from $58.00
Porcelain teapot decorated with "so British" roses, which seem to come straight from an English garden. The style is old-fashioned, romantic as can be, the roundness of the design in harmony with that of the blooming flowers. We can easily imagine somewhere in an English cottage, a friendly tea party with family or friends. Add as desired, the cups, the sugar bowl and the milk jug with matching curves. The porcelain is luminous, the tones are soft and evoke the days of yesteryear. Bone porcelain which explains the luminosity of the tones, patterns applied in overglaze, gilding in fine borders.  The teapot has a volume of 1100ml and a height of 15cm, the cups have approximately 220 to 250ml with saucers of 15.5cm in diameter. the milk jug and the sugar bowl 9.5cm high. Style: English/Vintage/Romantic. Certifications : EU/CE, SGS, LFGB, EEC, CIQ. Origine : Guangdong
Théière en porcelaine crème couronnée de mûres | Théières à la folie Théière en porcelaine crème couronnée de mûres | Théières à la folie

Cream porcelain teapot crowned with blackberries

from $54.00
Cream porcelain teapot, crowned with garlands of blackberries. The design is massive, stable in contrast with the slender crown which surrounds our teapot with its tips of red and purple between fine foliage full of freshness. We find the same crown around the cups and in halos in the hollow of the saucers. We like the openwork and elaborate lid, all finely gilded in the old style on the edges and periphery as well as on the main movements of the handle and the spout. A simple and welcoming service for a simple and radiant life. Beautiful quality porcelain, with an underglaze pattern that will not move.  Capacity of the teapot 800ml, height 16cm and width 24 cm. The cup 200ml, height 9.5cm, saucer 15.6cm in diameter. Chinese origin
Théière en porcelaine style vieille anglaise | Théières à la folie Théière en porcelaine style vieille anglaise | Théières à la folie

Old English style porcelain teapot

from $92.00
Old English style porcelain teapot, the design is rounded, the lines are sober, the country motif in soft old-fashioned tones gives a peaceful feeling of well-being. The milk jug and the sugar bowl offered are matched by their smooth roundness, while the cups have taken on a slight coquetry at the level of the handle and for the 2nd variant at the level of the slightly embossed body. Fine golden finishes. Bone china, the one we love for its luminous and crystalline side. Hand painted designs look different from side to side. Gilding applied by hand. The teapot has a nice volume of 1100ml, while the equally generous cups are 250ml for one and 220ml for the other. Chinese origin.
Petite théière porcelaine céladon 6 nuances | Théières à la folie Petite théière porcelaine céladon 6 nuances | Théières à la folie

Small 6 shades Celadon porcelain teapot

Small 6 shades Celadon porcelain teapot. The artisanal porcelain is monochrome, delicately, coiled and domed, it comes from a Jiutian series. The design is high and narrow, this visual is reinforced by the equally high handle, which is held like a small basket. The teapot is available in 6 bright colors, although the name cetadon mainly concerns the light blue and light green colors. A large agate tops the lid like a warm-toned jewel. The whole thing is lovely and delicate. The technique of monochrome çaladon porcelain originated and developed in northern China for several centuries, and remains in artisanal memory. Their gracefully domed design are further developed under the name Ru, Guan, ge or jingdezhen. This one comes from the workshops of Dehua, one of the capitals of Chinese porcelain. Capacity 310ml, height 15.5cm. Marque : Jingde Tea Set
Petite théière porcelaine émaillée nuit étoilée | Théières à la folie Petite théière porcelaine émaillée nuit étoilée | Théières à la folie

Small starry waves porcelain enameled teapot

Small enameled porcelain teapot "starry waves", to refer to VanGogh's "starry night". The Dehua workshops were inspired by this great classic, while adding their Asian style that we recognize, the stars have become flowers with an enamel overlay. The result is stunning. The design is classic, we like the lid whose regular and typical pattern transports us into the cosmos or into the sea waves. The Dehua workshops are recognized as the first in China where classical and modern arts coexist. Pattern in overglaze and enameled overlay for the flowers. Gilding applied by hand. Capacity 160ml like many Chinese teapots which favor tea tasting as a connoisseur. Marque : Pinny
Théière chinoise en porcelaine aux mille fleurs | Théières à la folie Théière chinoise en porcelaine aux mille fleurs | Théières à la folie

Chinese porcelain teapot with a thousand flowers

from $86.00
A Chinese teapot in fine porcelain with traditional Thousand Flower motifs, it is small, it is used according to Chinese custom for connoisseur tasting of carefully chosen tea. The translucent, luminous white porcelain is covered with enameled designs in rich, subtle pigments. The result could be compared to that of certain silks intended for sumptuous outfits. The cup that can accompany it is no less exquisite, a hollow at the bottom of the base allows it to rest on an island in the center of the saucer to prevent it from tipping over. The typical Chinese small bowl is no less charming. Fine porcelain, from which the raw ore kaolin has been carefully selected, then molded at a very high temperature of 1300°C. The pattern applied to the biscuit was also subjected to very high temperature for this flocked, enameled and soft effect. The hand-painted gilding gives a luxurious and elegant finish. We like the gold lid button with a little flower at the top. The teapot has a volume of 230ml, height 8.9cm. The cup 80ml, height 6cm, saucer 9.7cm in diameter. The 140ml bowl has a diameter of 7.8cm, height 5cm. Origine: Fujian, Dehua

The most beautiful teapots in the world

Yes but what to choose? Everyone has their own style, way of life, each design, each material will find its owner.

A few hints: The glass teapot seduced by its transparency which allows you to see the amber limpidity of the tea, the tea flowers which infuse, it is practical, clean, has no influence on the taste, like its matching cups. It is even staged with various designs especially with magnetic teapots.

There porcelain teapot although fragile it is refined, it does not modify the taste of the tea, there are small chinese teapots adorable, including the ancestral Gaiwan still up to date, more sophisticated Western teapots, more popular English teapots. We even find electric teapots porcelain. The often wide associated cups allow olfactory pleasure while drinking your tea. 

The ceramic teapot offers a pleasure of colors, often artisanal it is authentic, as often the japanese teapot, which also sometimes presents surprising modern designs. Of varying quality, ceramic retains more or less heat. Ceramic mugs have a good capacity in volume and to keep warm

The clay teapot often remains pure craftsmanship. The variety of styles and original shapes fuse. Its material being naturally porous, it retains essential oils and keeps in memory the aromas and flavors of tea. It is used by lovers of more sought-after quality tea, we can only recommend the Yixing teapot in this case.

The stainless steel teapot is practical it finds its place in the family like the turkish teapot For example. It is also appreciated in the community because it is unbreakable, it does not fear corrosion, it supports movement by being transported everywhere, such as mugs or cups double-walled.

The copper teapot with its warm reflections evokes tradition, the house, the pleasure of polishing it. Its great quality is its good thermal conductivity therefore its power of uniform distribution of heat, its ionizing power, cooks and elders know it. 

The silver teapot a sign of luxury and elegance, often artisanal, it is resistant to corrosion and retains heat well. Do not neglect its bactericidal and fungal power which can impact health.

cast iron teapot especially reflects the Japanese tradition with its Tetsubin, it has a strong ability to keep heat, it is durable and can be passed on to the future generation.

There aluminum teapot is light, nomadic. For the hiker, it will be able to find a place in his backpack. 

And then, let's finish our "teapot mania" by treating ourselves to some small fantasies.