Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie
Dragon egg ceramic and silver teapot $270.00
Ceramic and silver teapot, a Dragon egg as we like. Pure ovoid lines, shine and luminosity for superb artisanal pottery. Its refined, precise pattern executed by hand takes shape with the plated silver, and gives a feeling of depth and relief. The dragon, emblem of wisdom, power and luck, can be a magnificent masculine present. The egg represents life, projects.  The process of silver gilding is to grind 99.9% silver into fine powder melted at high temperature in ice water, and then paint the surface of the teapot. It is annealed at high temperature so that the silver takes shape with the ceramic. Then comes polishing, of which we can see the traces of manual intervention. We then proceed to execute this wonderful Dragon motif, rich in color, detail and precision. This teapot has the same qualities as a silver teapot. Remember that silver is germicidal and bactericidal, it softens the tea water which makes it tastier "it has the softness of silk" say the ancients. Capacity 170ml, height 9cm, diameter 11cm. Ball-to-hole filter. Manufacturer's signature Chinese origin 
Théière argent et porcelaine ethnique | Théières à la folie Théière argent et porcelaine ethnique | Théières à la folie
Silver and ethnic porcelain teapot from $134.00
A silver-plated teapot on porcelain, with an ethnic Moroccan-style motif. The silver is applied by hand in glaze on the outside and inside of the teapot. The compromise is judicious, the teapot and the cup treated in this way have all the qualities attributed to a teapot and a silver mug since it is entirely covered with this pure metal but at a very low price. The tea water will be softened, the ancients call it silk water.  Capacity of the teapot: 200ml, of the cup: 100ml.  High quality porcelain entirely lined with pure silver then treated at high temperature. Treat it like maintenance money, always remembering the fragility of porcelain. Style: Ethnic/Handcraft/China Chinese origin 
​Théière argent martelé et fleurs cloisonnées | Théières à la folie ​Théière argent martelé et fleurs cloisonnées | Théières à la folie
Hammered silver teapot and cloisonné flowers $3,962.00
A superb craftsmanship for this pure silver teapot. Indeed, we observe a double know-how, hammering, shaping and partitioning. The result is a work of art, the enamel of the flowers and butterflies is subtly pigmented in gradation, while the thin partitioning on the hammered silver is clearly visible around the patterns. The smooth handle and spout stand out brilliantly, like the lid button.  Small reminders: The technique of cloisonné consists in forming the design by welding thin partitions, here of silver. It is then sufficient to fill the cavities formed by the enamel. For the shaping and the hammering of the silver, the craftsman would have needed thousands of hammer blows. Silver has anti-bacterial properties, the ancients used it for the preservation of foodstuffs. They said water is the mother of tea and the pot the father of tea. But also with silver the water becomes as soft as silk, the tea is improved. Capacity of the teapot: 200ml Argent sterling 999 Origin: China Yindu Brand: Zysy
​Théière en argent oiseau et feuillage | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent oiseau et feuillage | Théières à la folie
Bird and foliage silver teapot $2,332.00
A marvel, this silver teapot. Shaped with such delicacy that the patterns of leaf petals and bird under the flowers seem to have been treated like a painting. The silver, however harshly engraved and hammered, lets us imagine the softness of the pink of the petals and the tender green of the foliage, with a blue-gray background (you see?) every detail is a delight. The smooth, plump spout pops out of that sweet mess. The sandalwood lid knob sits on a delicate pattern, which we perceive the expert engraving. A pleasure for the eyes, for the senses. The extra silver has a beneficial effect on the water, so the tea. "the water is clean" say the Chinese. Argent sterling 999 Master craftsmanship  Capacity: 400ml
​Théière en argent pur Poisson lune | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent pur Poisson lune | Théières à la folie
Moonfish pure silver teapot $2,009.00
A round silver teapot, and so expressive! this moonfish is overflowing with vitality, it's all about movement. Its curved sandalwood tail is like a rudder of movement, the fins do the same, stiff, aiding trajectory, the round mouth pouting forward as if planning to give a kiss, the eyes staring intentionally the goal. Crazy craftsmanship on the scales, the skin of our swollen moonfish to fulfill its function as a teapot. The sandalwood handle has a very ergonomic shape, not only is this teapot a work of art, but it is also completely easy to handle. This is a creative and awesome craft. 999 sterling silver. silver makes the tea soft to drink, it prevents any contamination. It is not for nothing that the ancients offered silverware as tableware. Teapot capacity: 200ml
​Théière et tasses en argent massif, Dragon | Théières à la folie ​Théière et tasses en argent massif, Dragon | Théières à la folie
Teapot and massive silver cups, Dragon from $1,869.00
This teapot is not alone, it comes with 3 or 6 cups with the same superb pattern. A pure silver service, shaped and hammered by hand. The motif of a snaking dragon on the body of the teapot and cups, stylized, between flames and clouds of steam. The spout and the handle are polished, patinated, and give a mastered rendering of the whole. The small cups no less worked, are smooth inside, like the teapot elsewhere. The dragon is the symbol of wisdom, power and luck. "Silver tea has a softer water quality, the silver and sodium ions released have a disinfection role" that's why silver was offered to newborns.  Sterling silver has been crafted for over 300 years in Hunan Yongxing, the silver capital of China. Teapot: 200ml, 180g. Cup: 25ml, 30g
​Théière en argent pur chevaux sauvages | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent pur chevaux sauvages | Théières à la folie
Wild horses pure silver teapot $1,779.00
An emblematic teapot, in pure silver, shaped, hammered engraved with fiery galloping wild horses, in the nimbus of the sky with stylish clouds. We feel them powerful, free and indomitable, almost furious. Here is a rather masculine teapot, which symbolizes, as we have understood, power. Wonderful work on the lid too, in lightness and detail, on a stocky teapot body, with a robust and strong spout. The style is reminiscent of certain antique engravings. 999 sterling silver, do not forget that for tea it is the best: "Water boiled in silver has the softness of silk" (quote from elders). For maintenance too, it's quite simple: With baking soda and warm water, and even with toothpaste, grandmother's recipe. Teapot capacity: 260ml Origin: Hunan Yongxing, Chinese silver capital.  
​Théière en argent cloisonné dragon saphir | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent cloisonné dragon saphir | Théières à la folie
Silver cloisonné dragon sapphire teapot from $3,962.00
Pure silver teapot, with a magnificent cloisonné pattern of a sapphire blue dragon on a sunny yellow dotted with pastel stylized clouds. Nice size for such a precious object, rounded highlighting the dragon which spreads over the entire width of the body of the teapot. Sturdy, plump spout and silver interior are smooth, polished, reflective. The whole thing is gleaming, punctuated by a large sandalwood bead like the icing on a cake, but what a cake!   The dragon has been an auspicious sign and a symbol of prosperity, luck, wisdom and power since ancient times. Reminder: Cloisonne is a technique where thin strips, here of silver, are firmly welded to the tire of the teapot, to form the pattern, in which the ceramic is applied. Here we have a doubly precious teapot, it is silver and it is cloisonné. 999 sterling silver, silver has many health benefits, but we can remember that it has anti-bacterial power. The ancients used it to preserve food. Teapot size: 420ml weight 365g or 385g. Origin: Hunan Yongxing, Chinese silver capital.
​Théière japonaise en argent pur martelé | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise en argent pur martelé | Théières à la folie
Japanese teapot in hammered pure silver from $1,944.00
A solid silver teapot, with a Japanese design, the yokode. Superb generous roundness, the hammering this time took another turn, with its effect of thousands of small matte and white flakes surrounded by crystalline cracks due to hammer blows. The side handle in red sandalwood stands out, rustic on this whiteness of silver. The sandalwood lid button also stands like the icing on a cake, set by a silver flower corolla. The small spout seems to come out of the large body of the teapot as if by a miracle. Japanese teapots are often distinguished by the sobriety of their designs and patterns. this is the illustration: Chic, sober, authentic and rustic. "water is the mother of tea, the pot is the father of tea" 999 sterling silver, we are witnessing an up-to-date ancestral know-how, with a permanent questioning of craftsmanship.  Chinese origin.
​Théière argent massif martelé miroirs | Théières à la folie ​Théière argent massif martelé miroirs | Théières à la folie
Sterling silver teapot hammered mirrors $2,168.00
A solid silver teapot, shaped and hammered by hand. A real tour de force to achieve this remarkable reflective effect despite the thousands of hammerings that have been administered to it. The aged version is remarkable for its brilliance, a no less radiant flower in the middle of the lid serves as a setting for the jade button. For the lustrous silver version, the white jade lid button highlights the brilliance of the whiteness of the silver.  999 sterling silver, "silver makes tea soft as silk", the ancients say, it protects against contamination. Teapot capacity: 201/300ml Silver craftsmanship by master craftsmen.
​Théière en argent pur miroir | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent pur miroir | Théières à la folie
pure silver mirror teapot $2,078.00
Craft teapot in pure silver, hammered, shaped by hand. Do not be fooled, the mirror result is much more difficult to obtain than it seems, especially for this perfect rendering: A work of art. Gorgeous mirrored rosette detail around the jade lid knob. Stylized sandalwood handle. The profile (handle-mirror body-jade pearl lid and spout) of this teapot is simply aesthetic, contemporary. Small reminder: silver has a beneficial effect on water on contact, it has an ionizing effect. Silver preserves bacteria and accelerates healing. "The water is softer, sweeter and rounder, which enhances the taste of tea" say the ancients. 999 Sterling Silver, Jade and Sandalwood. Capacity: 170ml  
​Théière en argent martelé artisanal | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent martelé artisanal | Théières à la folie
Handcrafted hammered silver teapot $3,274.00
A superb silver teapot, Japanese design with its rustic wooden handle surrounded by bamboo, nice contrast with the body of the teapot entirely hammered with small strokes reflecting the light. The lid is surmounted by a jade ring, the beak is powerful and plump. A clever mix between rustic and authentic craftsmanship, and the class and nobility of pure silver. The tea ceremony is in good hands, silver is ideal for preserving a sweet and fragrant taste of tea. 999 sterling silver. For maintenance, just a little warm water and salt, or even just toothpaste. Ring: Jade Capacity: 230ml Weight: 300g