​Mug céramique antique japonaise | Théières à la folie ​Mug céramique antique japonaise | Théières à la folie
Japanese antique ceramic mug $38.00
Superb ceramic mug, the style is Japanese: the porcelain is strong and antique, the simple patterns painted by hand with a brushstroke. The pigments are powerful, the shape is rustic and stable, the lid is made of wood with a small opening for the spoon. The patterns carry benevolent wishes to add positive vibes to the day. Its capacity makes it a versatile mug, essential for everyday use. Tea, coffee, chocolate, soup... Messages: Wealth and Success, Honesty, Don't Give Up Persist, Good Luck, Solidity and Resilience. Capacity: 380ml Porcelain clay subjected to high temperature. The designs are in strong and solid underglaze.  The mug comes with its lid and flower spoon. Style: Japanese/Retro/Vintage/Antique Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS Brand: Llcoup
Tasses colorées motifs émaillés intérieurs | Théières à la folie Tasses colorées motifs émaillés intérieurs | Théières à la folie
Colored cups with interior enamel patterns $38.00
They're colorful, they're big, from handcrafted mugs in monochrome and embossed ceramic for the outdoors to diverse and creative enamel graphic designs for the indoors. We like the small colored border on the edge of the cup which makes the very subtle link between the two decoration methods. The interest is to mix the colors, they form a wonderful mosaic on the table and energize the breakfast.  Beautiful ceramic with various relief patterns, combined with underglaze printed patterns for indoors, resulting in a nice smooth texture that is food safe and microwaveable. The models have small differences like the raised base which makes them a little taller and a little wider but the capacity is the same: About 400ml. Style: Vintage/Rustic/Folklore/Modern Origine : Liling China
​Tasses porcelaine 12 mois en fleurs  |  Théières à la folie ​Tasses porcelaine 12 mois en fleurs  |  Théières à la folie
Porcelain cups 12 months in bloom $89.00
Cups which represent with their saucer each month of the year by a pattern of flowers in fine impressions on the whiteness of the porcelain. We know lily of the valley for the month of May, roses for the month of June, snowdrops for January, chrysanthemums for the month of November, to name a few. The design is traditional Western, the capacity is generous for a tea time full of light and positive vibes. Bone china (bone china) known for its finesse, its translucency, its shine. The patterns are applied in overglazes as the gilding imported from Germany is finely painted by hand. The porcelain can go in the dishwasher or in the microwave (check, however, that the gilding does not have a mirror effect by sending back the waves!)  Capacity of these pretty cups 220ml, diameter 9cm, height 7.5cm and for the saucer 14cm in diameter. Certifications : CE/EU, CIQ, CEE, LFGB, SGS
​Grande tasse céramique ​Grande tasse céramique
Large ceramic mug "Surprise" $51.00
Surprise your friends with this large funny mug: what a surprise to see a small animal or a small flower emerge from your tea or coffee. A pretty cup with naive patterns carved into the pottery, the style is rustic, cool. The little subject is modeled in the ceramic, sealed at the bottom of the cup.  Beautiful capacity: 360ml, the ceramic is powerful, the clay-based enamel with natural colors gives an authentic look. Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS Marque : Meiling
Tasse soucoupe et cuillère porcelaine oisillon | Théières à la folie Tasse soucoupe et cuillère porcelaine oisillon | Théières à la folie
Porcelain cup saucer and spoon chick from $90.00
Cup, saucer porcelain with matching baby spoon. Pattern in turquoise, pastel, tender and bright tones on the theme of a baby bird in the middle of wild rose flowers, painted by hand. A touch of gilding that is both strong and sophisticated, we like the Greek frieze which enhances the bright white of the interior wall. We appreciate the beauty of the pattern printed on the bottom of the saucer, like a touching and romantic painting. Beautiful bone china, Heraeus gold water gilding imported from Germany, applied with overglaze talant. Cup capacity 200ml, height 6cm and 10.5cm in diameter. The saucer 15.5cm in diameter. The 14.5cm stainless steel spoon is decorated with matching ceramic.  Style: Luxury/Europe/Classic Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong
Grosse tasse en céramique couleurs rustiques | Théières à la folie Grosse tasse en céramique couleurs rustiques | Théières à la folie
Large ceramic mug in rustic colors $44.00
Large ceramic mug with rustic gradient colors embellished by the variations of the kiln. The shape is plump like a fruit, the striations form quarters in the ceramic, like those of a citrus fruit. The highly pigmented glaze colors vary in gradient. However, we like the red or yellow version, powerful colors of a ripe and tasty fruit. For tea, breakfast, soup or chocolate, this cup is the one you need, at the office, at home, at school. Beautiful capacity of 500ml which gives this cup a privileged, versatile function. Choosing it means never going without it. Beautiful ceramic with a warm and intense glaze, which varies according to variations in firing temperature. Here we have rustic, modern, powerful pottery.  Style: Pottery/Traditional/Modern Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB.
Mug céramique rustique avec manche en bois | Théières à la folie Mug céramique rustique avec manche en bois | Théières à la folie
Rustic ceramic mug with wooden handle $53.00
A rustic ceramic mug in natural and powerful colors, with a wooden handle with a very virile and Japanese design. Combined in two extremely authentic shades, those of earth or bronze with intense and strong reflections. The style is rustic and contemporary at the same time. A versatile mug that will quickly become your constant partner, at work and in everyday life. Beautiful ceramic with natural pigments, the kilns are responsible for doing the rest. We then have warm earth tones, the powerful tones of old metal. The volume is generous 300ml, for tea, coffee, chocolate, soup or mulled wine or other. Style: Pottery/Japanese/Modern Chinese origin.
Mug rétro céramique émail glacier intérieur | Théières à la folie Mug rétro céramique émail intérieur | Théières à la folie
Retro ceramic mug with internal glacier enamel $44.00
Retro ceramic mug, glacier color glaze inside, sophisticated contrast to rustic handcrafted ceramics. The design is simple, basic, we recognize the Japanese style in this simplicity and the authenticity of the applied brushstrokes. The rather warm tone while the inside of the mug comes out shiny, icy, restores the balance between rusticity and sophistication. It makes a nice unisex gift. Beautiful ceramics from Jingxi pottery in Dehua county, the ceramics have been painted by hand on a beautiful shiny and glazed porcelain.  Capacity 350ml, height 12.8cm Style: Pottery/Sophisticated/Rustic Brand : Flowerherd
Mug avec filtre porcelaine filigrane argent | Théières à la folie Mug avec filtre porcelaine filigrane argent | Théières à la folie
Mug with silver filigree porcelain filter $217.00
Stunning porcelain strainer mug with "embroidered" Chinese imperial design in silver filigree. We can also say selfish teapot. The separation filter is made of porcelain, the lid can be used as a saucer for the filter. Wonderful detailed, complicated print that seems in relief and reminiscent of Chinese silk brocades, with shimmering reflections. The style is retro, imperial, worthy of the court. The mug is refined at the same time virile, it can be easily offered to a man. The white porcelain is richly pigmented and silvered with high quality sterling silver. The handle and the lid button are gilded with quality gold also by craftsmanship. The technology is called filigree sylver.  Capacity 470ml, height 12.5cm. Contemporary craftsmanship of Dehua porcelain. Certifications : CE/EU, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS. Marque : Oing
​Mug magique fantastique Kids |  Théières à la folie ​Mug magique fantastique Kids |  Théières à la folie
Fantasy Kids Magic Mug $33.00
A black ceramic mug, when it is filled with hot drink, the magic takes place, a fantastic image appears: A fulminating wolf, a disturbing lion, a threatening dinosaur, a mad cat or another terrifying... It is known that our kids love strong emotions, here it will be a surprise. For young and old, breakfast may be a little more awake than usual. Black ceramic must be treated gently because of its glaze which is specially treated so that the colors react to heat (at least 70°C). That is to say, hand wash, no microwave or dishwasher, and avoid too much sun exposure, it may alter the proper transformation reaction. Capacity: between 300 and 400ml, the mug is delivered in a gift box. Marque : LightMagic
Mug noir ou blanc signes Zodiac | Théières à la folie Mug noir ou blanc signes Zodiac | Théières à la folie
Zodiac signs black or white mug $36.00
A black or white porcelain mug, with one of the twelve constellations graphically drawn in gold as the sole motif. The black or white cover is decorated with the corresponding Zodiac sign, the symbol is golden, simple and very meaningful. The spoon is part of the sober and chic set. A mug that will keep tea or coffee warm thanks to its lid, a notch is provided for the spoon. Capacity: 420ml, a nice volume for multiple uses. Beautiful pigmented porcelain in the glaze, the interior is white for both models. The spoon is matching black or white. Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ Marque : LightMagic
​Mug ou théière solitaire céramique océan | Théières à la folie ​Mug ou théière solitaire céramique océan | Théières à la folie
Ocean ceramic solitary mug or teapot $72.00
A mug with filter, like a solitary teapot by its capacity. In beautiful, slightly retro pottery, the shape is flared, the ceramic reveals the turns left by the craftsmanship. The blue is brilliant, iridescent, it evokes the ocean. A mug for lovers of a beautiful piece of craftsmanship executed according to the rules of pottery. The mug is becoming more and more an ideal gift to make, this one is still a teapot since it has its filter, its lid. Simply let the filter drain on the upturned lid. Practice in the workplace.  A ceramic rich in pigment, the glaze took on iridescent and speckled turns during firing. Capacity: 300ml, height: 13.2cm Certifications: EEC, CIQ, CE/EU