​Théière en argent martelé artisanal | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent martelé artisanal | Théières à la folie
Handcrafted hammered silver teapot $3,327.00
A superb silver teapot, Japanese design with its rustic wooden handle surrounded by bamboo, nice contrast with the body of the teapot entirely hammered with small strokes reflecting the light. The lid is surmounted by a jade ring, the beak is powerful and plump. A clever mix between rustic and authentic craftsmanship, and the class and nobility of pure silver. The tea ceremony is in good hands, silver is ideal for preserving a sweet and fragrant taste of tea. 999 sterling silver. For maintenance, just a little warm water and salt, or even just toothpaste. Ring: Jade Capacity: 230ml Weight: 300g
​Service thé argent pur, motifs emblématiques | Théières à la folie ​Service thé argent pur, motifs emblématiques | Théières à la folie
Pure silver tea service, iconic motifs $4,542.00
A pure silver craft tea service with a more modern design, without omitting a great ancestral mastery of hammering, engraving, and forging. The emblematic motifs of the dragon, the branch of the flowering plum tree, cranes, lotus and fish and finally the signs of blessing. It's all there in these superb services. The lids are surrounded by a frieze and enhanced with an openwork jewel button. The teapot sets the style with its "bamboo" handle  The ancients say that water boiled in a silver teapot is as soft as silk, this influences the tea which is softer. The mugs are there, to complement the goodness of silver. Capacity: Teapots: 300ml, Cups: 40ml This service is suitable for a quality tea ceremony that is tasted in small quantities. Argent sterling 999  
​Théière argent pur motif canné et cigale | Théières à la folie ​Théière argent pur motif canné et cigale | Théières à la folie
Pure silver teapot with cane and cicada motif from $1,960.00
A superbly worked silver teapot in caning, the pattern is so regular that it is difficult to imagine that it is craftsmanship. The lantern-shaped roundness is enhanced by a smooth, angular and stylish spout in a beautiful S. The teapot is stamped with the seal "quiet heart paradise" (full translation), while on the other side a cicada has landed. The two models differ in the back or top handle. Both equally imperial. The silver is aged and then polished to bring out the caning. The craftsman has carried out tens of thousands of hammerings by hand in order to obtain a pattern of this magnitude.  999 sterling silver. To clean it, just a little baking soda in hot water, brush with a small brush like a toothbrush. Then rinse. Capacity: 201/300ml
​Service à thé en argent pur cloisonné | Théières à la folie ​Service à thé en argent pur cloisonné | Théières à la folie
Cloisonne pure silver tea service $22,767.00
This pure silver cloisonné tea service begins with the teapot which is crazy, its design is worthy of the thousand and one nights. A mixture of "Cinderella's carriage" and "Aladdin's lamp" due to the more oriental than Asian motifs. The shades of blue are magnificent, supported by a little green and a warm color like points of fire, like the button on the lid topped with a jewel. The smooth and plump silver spout contrasts with the decoration. The teapot is accompanied by a treasure for those who want it: The kettle, bigger, also superbly decorated, the pouring spout on the other hand also decorated, the silver braided handle. Let's not forget the cups as beautiful, generously showing the inner smooth silver. Cloisonne here majestically illustrates the technique of partitioning with thin welded silver bands, enamel patterns in bright and subtle colors. Quick reminder: “Silver makes water softer, rounder, sweeter, which enhances the taste of tea. Blue and gilt cloisonné silver tea service. Consists (or to be broken down) of a tea kettle, a teapot, a pitcher and 4 cups in 999 solid silver. Volume: 1.2 liters for the kettle, 225ml for the teapot, 45ml for the cup. Net weight: 1.5 kg 
​Théière en argent sterling 999 | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent sterling 999 | Théières à la folie
999 sterling silver teapot from $1,668.00
A silver teapot in a simple, sober shape, very stable on its base. Sanded in appearance, it is in fact hammered manually, patiently, for a long time to obtain this regular effect. For the second model, hammering is an example of mastery for an airy and precise effect.  "A silver teapot makes boiled water as soft and smooth as silk, making tea taste better." The ancients called it silk water. Argent sterling 999 Capacity: 201-300ml  
​Théière en cloisonné argent pur bambou | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cloisonné argent pur bambou | Théières à la folie
Pure Silver Bamboo Cloisonne Teapot from $692.00
A lot of freshness in this round teapot, in cloisonné silver, the pattern is obviously the cause. Fine bamboo on a clear background, and then always this blue to evoke the sky. An always surprising marriage of purple and yellow in the decorative frieze around the lid. This one enhanced with a sandalwood button. Contrast with the smooth and plump spout. The interior is smooth silver, the tea will only be more purified, its taste will be sweeter. Silver has a (due to ions) softening effect, the ancients called water boiled in silver "silk water". Cloisonné is a technique of soldering thin partitions (the Chinese call them jangtai noodles) forming the pattern into which is then introduced the enamel with glossy colors. It is listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Register of China. The teapot: 400ml, 350g. Cups: 55ml, 65g. Argent sterling 999 Origin: China Yindu
​Théière en cloisonné argent pur masque chinois | Théières à la folie ​Théière en cloisonné argent pur masque chinois | Théières à la folie
Cloisonné teapot silver pure Chinese mask from $2,856.00
This is a cloisonné with a creative design. This teapot expresses 2 things to us: on the one hand an egg, that of the dragon of course! and then these Chinese masks that we find in the itinerant shows of China. Beautiful cloisonné with a larger design, but oh so polished in detail. Just the cover with its clouds combined with the flames, of the dragon of course! The black jade lid button invites us to pick it. Cloisonné is actually a filigree process firmly soldered in the shape of the chosen pattern, then the cavities formed are filled with glaze or enamel. Here the solder material is pure silver, the interior also forms an isothermal wall. The silver handle is braided. The smooth silver spout stands out from this colored set. The black stands out beautifully. Cloisonné is a treasure worth giving, tasting and collecting. Silver is antibacterial, it was used in medicine, the ancients knew it could accelerate healing. And then the water boiled in cast iron and silver pots is softer, rounder and sweeter, which enhances the taste of tea. Argent sterling 999 Handicrafts, whose origin is Hunan Yongxing (Chinese silver capital) Teapot capacity: 260ml
​Théière argent pur cloisonné ​Théière argent pur cloisonné
Pure silver cloisonné teapot "the cranes" from $3,160.00
Solid silver teapot, artisanally cloisonné, with the favorite motifs "the cranes", beautiful, white and black flying away in the intense blue sky, symbol of longevity, of good omen. Superb work of partitioning the patterns and above all an exquisite way to combine the colors. The sandalwood knob, like the icing on the cake, comes off clean, ready to serve. we really like the fine yellow clouds standing out against the glowing sun.  The silver handle welded at high temperature, the interior in double-walled heat-insulating silver, silver rivets, plump and smooth silver beak. The technique of cloisonné is to imprison by small silver partitions firmly welded by forming the pattern, in which the glaze, the enamel will be poured. High temperature firing (900°C) will complete the finish. Capacity of the teapot: 400ml Argent sterling 999  Origin: Hunan Yongxing the Chinese silver capital. Cloisonne craftsmanship is recognized and listed as China's national intangible cultural heritage. PS: The price of our items includes delivery.
​Théière en argent massif effet sablé | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent massif effet sablé | Théières à la folie
Teapot in sandblasted effect sterling silver $1,762.00
Superb silver teapot, its simple shape is sober, which highlights its chic. We want to say that it is sandblasted, but it was in fact hammered very finely manually, which suggests the immense work of master for such a rendering. The bell design evokes confidence and stability. This little teapot has everything of a big one. The silver teapot is the "white moonlight of the heart" says the tea drinker. "A silver pot is elegant and clean. It can keep the original taste of tea intact and endure forever" (LuYu, the saint of tea) Argent sterling 999 Capacity of the teapot: 200ml Chinese origin.
​Théière argent pur, pivoine filigrane | Théières à la folie ​Théière argent pur, pivoine filigrane | Théières à la folie
Pure silver teapot, filigree peony $4,200.00
A pure silver teapot in a classic Japanese design. The silver has been hammered, fused, then worked in relief with filigrees forming an incredible mesh surrounding a motif of a peony. Magnificent application of silver beads punctuating the design of formed rosettes. All set a little more in relief by the smoky bottom of the money. the spout skilfully embellished with arabesques, the braided handle for heat insulation. A beautiful work. After being smoked with sulphur, the silver surface is blackened with pewter, then polished to restore luster to the parts in relief, the background retains its black color of smoked silver. Small reminder: Money has a sterilizing effect, our elders know it well. Argent sterling 999 The teapot: 350ml, 382g Chinese origin
​Théière en argent nuages d'oiseaux | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argent nuages d'oiseaux | Théières à la folie
Bird cloud silver teapot $2,733.00
A pure silver teapot, worked in an artisanal way, hammered, punched, engraved, before being shaped. Contrast between the body of the teapot marked with a thousand hammerings and the smooth and plump spout. The lid is sumptuously enhanced with a button also worked in the "full and empty". The silver handle forms a lug, to wedge the grip. to preserve this grip from the heat, the same handle is braided. Beautiful work of master craftsman, the silver is 999 sterling, that's the purest. Reminder: Silver has an anti-bacterial effect, it's not for nothing that babies received silver cutlery or cups for their baptism. For maintenance, simply use baking soda in lukewarm water, if necessary with a small brush, rinse and dry.  Beautiful capacity of the teapot: 480ml, weight: 350g
​Théière japonaise argent pur oeuf de dragon | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise argent pur oeuf de dragon | Théières à la folie
Japanese teapot silver pure dragon egg $1,702.00
Pretty little Japanese teapot in the shape of an egg, that of the dragon certainly, this myth of the dragon made of silver, represented in such an ingenious and artistic way. The silver is carved, gilded in an artisanal way. The jade handle and lid knob add precious value to this iconic object. 999 silver, the one you can't fault. Healthy, antibacterial, and luminous. This is handicraft measurements may be slightly approximate Capacity: 180ml Weight: 200g Diameter: 7cm Height: 9cm Delivery costs are included in the price.