Théière à compléter en céramique rose et blanc | Théières à la folie Théière à compléter en céramique rose et blanc | Théières à la folie
Teapot to complete in pink and white ceramic from $51.00
Teapot to complete in pink and white ceramic, with its sugar bowl, its milk jug, its cups and saucers, and even plates for a romantic and vitality snack. The pink stands out clear and clean, both for its pigmented glaze on a bright white and for its motif of birds, hawthorns and roses executed in watercolor with fine foliage in garlands. We also like the change of style, naive and stylish on the wings of the bird, the openwork hearts placed on the lids as if they were emerging from the pink mass. The style oscillates between romance, childhood and vintage. Fine and lively ceramic, fine and discreet gilding.  The teapot has a capacity of 720ml, its height 13.5cm. The 320ml mug has a height of 8.5cm and 9.2cm in diameter. The 180ml cup has a height of 5.8cm and 9.2cm in diameter, the saucer 15.3cm in diameter. The sugar bowl is 8.5cm high and 9.2cm in diameter. The milk jug 7cm high. The plates are both 20cm and 26.5cm in diameter. Style: Young/Romantic/Vintage
Théière en céramique éventails bleus encre | Théières à la folie Théière en céramique éventails bleus encre comparaison | Théières à la folie
Ceramic teapot with ink blue fans from $19.00
Ceramic teapot with ink blue fans. The patterns are painted by hand with a sure and precise gesture, the inky blue color on the natural sandstone is of exquisite taste. We think of the fan because the pattern is reminiscent of a kimono to which it matches. The Japanese fan is an important symbol of prosperity, hospitality and courtesy. All of this is absolutely in keeping with a tea ceremony. From another point of view, we can refer to water, to waves which evoke calm, tranquility, peace. “Seigaiha” blue waves of the ocean... This is definitely also in harmony with the tea ceremony. Ceramic or rustic stoneware, authentic from sand, subjected to high temperature. Patterns in powerful and dense underglaze. Japanese style is sober, going to the essentials. Bamboo handle. The teapot of approximately 850ml can be accompanied by a string of cups in its image and of all sizes. Style: Japanese/Pottery/Tradition
Service thé design japonais baril polyvalent | Théières à la folie Service thé design japonais baril polyvalent | Théières à la folie
Japanese design tea service versatile barrel $268.00
Tea service with a versatile Japanese barrel design, that's quite a program. The ceramic is unparalleled white, with a shine and a porcelain quality, the simple and contemporary shapes are ergonomic for the cup handles, but also for the shape of a barrel that can be held well in the hand despite its large capacity. This is a service that will be used for all occasions, hot, cold, iced, in the office, at school, in meetings or small parties with friends, without having to carry around with a kettle which risks burning or spilling. Elegant Japanese design with purity of lines, a whiteness that blends with the honey color of bamboo wood. The wooden base is stable and practical for rational storage. Ideal for gatherings. Resists both hot and cold. Ceramic treated at high temperature, it can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Easy for maintenance. The barrel has a capacity of 3.5L. The faucet is made of stainless steel. The cups have a capacity of 250ml. The bamboo wood cap is fitted with a food-safe silicone seal. Style: Contemporary/Versatile/Japanese Origin: Guangdong 
Théière en céramique fleurs de prunier tradition | Théières à la folie Théière en céramique fleurs de prunier tradition | Théières à la folie
Traditional plum blossom ceramic teapot $62.00
Traditional plum blossom ceramic teapot. The round and chunky design is that of the traditional Chinese, artisanal for its relief pattern and its cooking. Here we have an illustration of what the same pattern gives with different treatments and firings. The branch of plum blossoms is highlighted all in delicacy of gilding for the sophisticated Celadon and Jade Porcelain models, while it appears strong and solid on a ceramic with powerful and rustic colors. The plum blossom is associated with spring, with the end of bad cold and harsh days, with rebirth after trials.  The rustic ceramic has been passed through several kilns, hence its name. Celadon is known for its monochrome color in blue-green shades, often reminiscent of water. Jade porcelain charms with its shine. We recognize the know-how of the workshops Jingdezhen, tradition and refinement. Capacity 660ml, height 11.5cm. Style: Traditional Chinese/Pottery/Crafts Marque : Energe Spring
Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie Théière et céramique et argent oeuf de Dragon | Théières à la folie
Dragon egg ceramic and silver teapot $201.00
Ceramic and silver teapot, a Dragon egg as we like. Pure ovoid lines, shine and luminosity for superb artisanal pottery. Its refined, precise pattern executed by hand takes shape with the plated silver, and gives a feeling of depth and relief. The dragon, emblem of wisdom, power and luck, can be a magnificent masculine present. The egg represents life, projects.  The process of silver gilding is to grind 99.9% silver into fine powder melted at high temperature in ice water, and then paint the surface of the teapot. It is annealed at high temperature so that the silver takes shape with the ceramic. Then comes polishing, of which we can see the traces of manual intervention. We then proceed to execute this wonderful Dragon motif, rich in color, detail and precision. This teapot has the same qualities as a silver teapot. Remember that silver is germicidal and bactericidal, it softens the tea water which makes it tastier "it has the softness of silk" say the ancients. Capacity 170ml, height 9cm, diameter 11cm. Ball-to-hole filter. Manufacturer's signature Chinese origin 
Service à thé japonais La montagne | Théières à la folie Japanese tea set The mountain
Japanese tea set The mountain $162.00
Japanese tea service "The mountain", its contemporary design is an illustration of the alliance of know-how with ever-renewed creativity. Magnificent hand-executed pattern with subtle and brilliant shades, in original contrast with plain, rough and natural ceramic. The walls of the cups visually stand out in soft, smooth and shiny colored ceramic, in keeping with the mountain motif. “Distant Mountain” is the name of the series in this set. This is enriched with its 4 cups and a tea box with a bamboo lid, all on a rectangular tray. The technique of this black pottery is very old, it combines rock mud from the lower layers rich in ore. This material is nicknamed "the bone of the stone that did not touch the wind". The high temperature treatment with oxidation and reduction results in this surprising opaque and grainy ceramic on which the mountain in soft colors is drawn by hand with an incomparable glaze. The sets in three colors are all equally chic in their sobriety. The tray measures 25.5X13, it supports 4 cups of 50ml, the teapot 220ml and 13cm high, the tea box 150ml and 5.5cm high. In 3 shades, white, pinkish beige and black. Authors: Folk craftsmen Origine: Dehua
Théière et tasses à l'anglaise jeu de pois et rayures | Théières à la folie Tasse et soucoupes à l'anglaise jeu de pois et rayures les tasses | Théières à la folie
English teapot with polka dots and stripes from $39.00
English teapot with polka dots and stripes. In red or black, the very graphic pattern on pure white plays with its stripes and polka dots on cups, saucers, milk jugs, sugar bowls and mugs. So for a modular service, we like the radiance formed around the lids, saucers and corollas for cups and mugs. We also like the lovely little lace finely placed as a finishing braid on the edges. The volumes have a family quality, for a dynamic and convivial afternoon snack. Ceramic, close to porcelain for its shine, will not be cozy, it will withstand an active life with maintenance in the dishwasher and microwave. Teapot capacity 1L, height 17cm. 200ml cups height 6.8cm. The saucers are 14.5 cm in diameter. 350ml mugs, height 11cm. The sugar bowl 250, height 10.5cm. The 250ml milk jug, height 9.3cm. Let's not forget the little gold stainless steel spoons that accompany cups or mugs in an original way. Marque : Yellowdd1128 Chinese origin.
Théière et tasse rondes en céramique blanc bleu | Théières à la folie Théière et tasse rondes en céramique blanc bleu | Théières à la folie
Blue White Ceramic Round Teapot and Cup from $66.00
Round white-blue ceramic teapot and cup, you can add the equally plump sugar bowl. The blue on white pattern is a great classic of timeless and timeless ceramics. The whiteness of the ceramic is delicately enhanced by its simple, almost naive and very elegant blue pattern. We can see a light embossing in relief in the material, on the curves, and around the saucer, the base of the cup and the lid. Beautiful white ceramic, overglaze design, beautiful capacity for a traditional family. The 1000ml teapot, height 16cm. The 350ml sugar bowl, height 11cm. The 250ml cup. Style: Western/Classic/Timeless Chinese origin
Théière en céramique grenade plus vrai que vrai | Théières à la folie Théière en céramique grenade plus vrai que vrai | Théières à la folie
More real than real pomegranate ceramic teapot from $67.00
A ceramic teapot representing a realer than real pomegranate. Its tangy color and its verisimilitude provoke immediately want to bite into it. The style is a bit rococo, but so original and creative. It is completed with a sugar bowl and the equally appetizing cup. This is placed on a leaf-saucer. The spoon, also made of porcelain, completes this total return to the harvest of happy days, with humor and tenderness.  Beautiful ceramic porcelain, sturdy and rustic. The pigments are luminous applied by hand.  Teapot capacity 550ml, height 19cm. Cup capacity 150ml, height 6cm. The sugar bowl 200ml, height 10cm. Style: Original/Fancy/Exotic 
Théière céramique et résine design dansant | Théières à la folie Théière céramique et résine design dansant | Théières à la folie
Ceramic teapot and dancing design resin $77.00
A ceramic and resin teapot with a dancing design. A fun, attractive concept for this teapot eccentric and crooked, which seems to dance with the hand on the hips. Vintage speckled colors are pastel and bright. We go back to the 70s with humor and nostalgia: Would you like a breakfast in the garden, on the grass? Style: Vintage/Pottery/Fantasy Nice capacity of 1L height 20cm and wingspan 16cm. 
Service à thé rigolo, une girafe pour deux | Théières à la folie Service à thé rigolo, une girafe pour deux | Théières à la folie
Funny tea service, a giraffe for two $71.00
A funny ceramic tea set, a giraffe for two. A creative and decorative design, the colors are frank and pigmented, the teapot is assigned two cups which form its neck on which rests the head which will be the lid of the teapot. The set can be considered childish, but also an extraordinary mediator of communication during a meeting of friends, family and even work, and also a wonderful gift. Beautiful ceramic pigmented with intensity, the expressive modeling, the quality supporting both hot and cold. Stainless steel mesh filter. Capacity of the teapot 500ml. 100ml cups. Total height 25.5 cm. Style: Creative/Funny/Animal Certification : CIQ Origine : Guangdong
Théière en céramique ambre rouge et fusions | Théières à la folie Théière en céramique ambre rouge et fusions | Théières à la folie
Red amber ceramic teapot and fusions $55.00
A very beautiful ceramic teapot in the warm tones of red amber, with sublime colored flows in fusion on the lid and the top of the teapot. We love the warmth offered by these intense and shiny shades. The design is traditional Chinese with a removable bamboo handle. The filter is embedded in the ceramic.  Beautiful traditional ceramic, shiny, rich. The wide teapot allows the tea leaves to spread out to better release their aroma and flavor. All teas are welcome. Capacity: 500ml Style: Traditional/Rustic/Pottery Chinese origin Brand: DESumHar