Théière en argile violette, design Aladin | Théières à la folie Théière en argile violette, design Aladin | Théières à la folie
Purple clay teapot, Aladdin design $79.00
Purple clay teapot, from Yixing, Aladdin design. Its appearance is reminiscent of the tale of Aladdin's lamp, this one however is much more sober and pure in its lines and curves, its beautiful satin chocolate color highlights them. Authentic craftsmanship of a clay that has proven itself for making the oldest teapot in reference in Chinese pottery. Violet or purple clay, Zisha, loaded with ore, originating from the Yixing region remains the benchmark for having a teapot that will enhance the taste of tea. Clay has excellent porosity and heat resistance.  Capacity: 350ml, for tea lovers. Oolong, Puer, Dahongpao, Tie Guanyin. Style: Handicraft/Authentic/Traditional Authors: Folk Artists Brand: Nlslasi 
Théière noire en argile croissant de lune | Théières à la folie Théière noire en argile croissant de lune | Théières à la folie
Black Crescent Moon Clay Teapot $284.00
A small black clay teapot, a speckled rusty ocher crescent moon is outlined around the lid, itself enhanced by a large matching ring. The handle and spout contrast with their rust color. This all-round teapot has been crafted, in the rules of the art with great care and attention, in the rules of artisanal and traditional art. The so-called purple clay, even if it is not or zisha, comes from the Yixing region, its fame dates back to the beginning of the teapot and continues to prove itself for its property of preserving the taste of tea. Clay being porous, it retains the memory of the smells and tastes of tea essences. Capacity 280ml Author: Folk Artists Brand: Nlslasi
​Théière artisanale chinoise argile | Théières à la folie ​Théière artisanale chinoise argile | Théières à la folie
Chinese handmade clay teapot from $93.00
An artisanal teapot, wonderfully modeled and sculpted in its clay, its warm brown colors inspire a love of the earth and natural beauty. The style is Chinese, the little teapot is from Yixing, with its traditional design of its workshops, where the know-how is perpetuated while remaining always to the taste of the present. It will be perfect for black teas, scented tea, Oolong, puer, dahongpao, tie guangyin. The clay although passed in furnace, remains a little porous and then keeps the odors and the tastes in memory. Over time, the teapot is lined with the essences of tea and takes on a real identity, especially if the tea used remains most often the same. The ancients say that the best tea is made in a clay teapot. All the more reason when this clay is Zisha, this purple clay from Yixing which still retains its fame. Capacities of the two variants: 300ml and 400ml Crafts whose authors are "folk artists" Brand: Nlslasi
​Théière cubique en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie ​Théière cubique en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie
Yixing clay cubic teapot $49.00
An original but traditional teapot for all that. Made in a purple clay, Zisha, it was molded in a cubic shape. The spout and the handle line up in the diagonal of the cube formed. A different motif on each side: The flowering branch of a plum tree, symbol of better days after a harsh winter, and the bamboo that bends and rises, stronger after a test. The design is sober and very modern while keeping its rustic touch with the natural earth and slate colors. Nice capacity: 730ml, the spacious filter is made of stainless steel. The clay from the Yixing region is one of the best for a clay teapot. This one, the Zisha, though not purple has that name in this region. Good for all teas, however it is advisable to keep the same type of tea. Indeed, the oils of the teas accumulate and line the interior of the teapot and give over time an identity to the taste of the tea which improves. Using more than one would lessen this fantastic effect. Semi-craft Marque : Lizaotao
​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie ​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie
Retro China Yixing Clay Teapots from $57.00
A nice series of Yixing clay teapots, of various sizes, they have in common a modeled design, chiseled with great skill in the retro and antique china style. The tones of earth and waxed wood, very close to nature, are the main qualities of these superb teapots. Clay from the Yixing region "zisha" is also called purple clay, even though it is not purple. Thanks to its mineral composition, and the structure of its unique grain, its properties are excellent for maintaining a stable temperature in a teapot, variations (frequent causes of attenuation of the flavor of tea) are thus minimal. Note that all teapots have an internal filter.  A word of advice: suitable for all teas, but keep a preference of type, because clay has a memory of taste and aroma. Flavored tea, Oolong, puer, black tea... Authors: Folk artists Chinese origin  
​Théière argile pastèque ​Théière argile pastèque
Watermelon clay teapot "truer than true" from $367.00
Truer than true, except that watermelons are often a little bigger! This small Chinese Yixing teapot looks like it came from a nearby garden. Superb "biomimicry" one would say in scientific jargon. No, here the craftsmen have a fabulous brushstroke, with Zisha clay as recourse. Wonderful rock clay from the Yixing region, the zisha or purple clay, which is becoming rare. This one, loaded with minerals, makes a teapot body with thin and strong walls. The color of the watermelon skin with its pattern is then reproduced in an overglaze based on naturally colored mud paste, it will become one with the tire and will be unalterable.  purple clay  Craftsmanship, hand-painted patterns Origin Yixing City Style: traditional/retro/Chinese
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​Théière en argile ​Théière en argile
Yixing "bamboo" clay teapot $185.00
Clay teapot, bamboo more real than real! Even looking at it closely we break our noses. Very fine craftsmanship of Yixing purple clay. The texture, the tone, the patina, have that of bamboo. Moreover, unlike many Chinese teapots, this one has a good capacity. Teapot capacity: 520ml Yixing workshops are renowned for their craftsmanship, especially with purple clay "zisha" the rock clay of the region. It contains iron oxide, kaolinite, quartz and mica, which makes the pottery solid when fired and much more resistant than any Western crockery. Origin : Yixing Attention! very limited stock!
​Théière/mug Dragon en argile | Théières à la folie ​Théière/mug Dragon en argile | Théières à la folie
Clay Dragon teapot/mug $43.00
An individual teapot or a mug with filter and lid, the use is the same for those who intend to drink their tea alone. This one in Yixing clay, is especially powerful in theme, that of "supreme dragon", in rich pattern and finely executed by hand, in material that is purple clay, renowned for centuries. The dragon symbol of wisdom, power and luck is very suitable for a male gift. Excellent accessory for the office, it will not fail to attract attention and interrogation. Purple clay or zisha comes from the Yixing region, it is loaded with various minerals and is a strong unglazed ceramic.  Capacity: 300ml Arts and crafts Style: Chinese traditions re-visited, contemporary.
​Théière en argile de roche de Jingdezhen | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argile de roche de Jingdezhen | Théières à la folie
Jingdezhen rock clay teapot $76.00
An unglazed clay teapot, its rock clay whose unique structure is the mineral composition that gives it solidity and that incomparable sandy look. Its design, initially very retro, is in short very contemporary, with its pure lines, and this unparalleled look of the lid: The top button rubs shoulders with the protective valve of the steam outlet, this gives with the flat cake teapot a very modern set . Rustic but modern, authentic but practical.  The content of rock clay in minerals: iron oxide, kaolinite, quartz and mica makes the teapot strong and resistant to many tests. It is also attributed the properties of keeping the temperature stable, which is significant for the flavor of the tea. Its capacity: 420ml Origin : Jingdezhen 
​Théière en argile de Yixing, le potiron | Théières à la folie ​Théière en argile de Yixing, le potiron | Théières à la folie
Yixing clay teapot, the pumpkin $163.00
A splendid clay teapot, in the shape of a pumpkin, it seems more real than the real thing! Here, we can only see all the know-how of the Yixing workshops, exceptional modeling, warm colors, soft and lustrous texture, we have the impression that our object is in a beautiful waxed leather. The leaf applications, the stem on the lid, the beak, the handle are of such quality that we forget its function as a teapot. An artisanal work that perpetuates the still relevant reputation of Yixing pottery. Reminder: The purple or violet clay (Zisha) is extracted from the mountain located in Yixing province of Jiangsu. Its mineral content makes it solid when cooked and much more resistant to possible accidents. It has good air permeability which makes it suitable for all teas. Nice capacity: 550ml Master craftsmanship.
​Set à thé Dragon en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie ​Set à thé Dragon en argile de Yixing | Théières à la folie
Yixing Clay Dragon Tea Set $87.00
A mythical staging for followers of ceremonies, of the dragon for this one. Beautiful Yixing purple clay tea set, fully hand modeled, fabulous craftsmanship in shaping, molding and engraving. The teapot can be used alone, but a surprising fountain system can enhance the tea ceremony. Six beautifully engraved cups are part of the adventure. 2 versions, one in red clay decorated with black, the other opposite is black decorated with red. Purple clay or zisha is a land that is in the Yixing region, where their workshops have for centuries been making it a major asset to their wonderful pottery. Marque : Jingde tea set 
​Théière Yixing argile boule | Théières à la folie ​Théière Yixing argile boule | Théières à la folie
Yixing clay ball teapot $98.00
Clay teapot from the Yixing region, all round, we recognize the design of the workshops of this region. Its black color intensified during firing is due to the minerals present in the clay, it is enhanced by its satiny texture. The hazel tree branch pattern was applied in superposition of colored clay, all this in an artisanal way. The clay is not glazed, it remains a little porous and keeps the oils of the teas consumed, which softens the taste of the tea over time. Perfect for Oolong, puer, dahongpao, tie guayin teas. Capacity: 240ml Purple clay (violet, zisha) from Yixing Brand: Nlslasi