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The teapot the timeless gift.

The teapot is an object of conviviality that likes to gather. Here you will find what is difficult and tiring to search in the stores, because they are too scattered. The choice of Théières à la folie is to surprise, to allow you to say to yourself: “Oh that’s my (or his) style!” Because there is a choice of style: the flowered teapot, the Gaiwan the not ordinary, the precious, the funny, the authentic and the rustic. The weird ones, the classic ones, the antique ones, world teapots all of the best qualities with an array of materials, designs and prices to suit all tastes.

Set à thé solitaire porcelaine fleurie | Théières à la folie Set à thé solitaire porcelaine fleurie | Théières à la folie

Flowered porcelain solitary tea set

from $67.00
A solitary tea set in flowered porcelain, this is the name we can give to this teapot placed on its cup, itself placed on a saucer, since it has the function of serving a single person. The whole forms a sphere in soft floral pastel tones. White petals stand out against a purple-blue background. A little wink, a golden rabbit tops the lid. But it is possible to escape from your solitude by sharing a breakfast or a snack with tea, fruit and small cakes.  Bone china, luminous whiteness, overglaze printing, dense gilding. The teapot has a capacity of 400ml, while the wide cup which completes the spherical shape is 280ml. The mug invites you to a good 500ml hot chocolate, the cup also has a nice 400ml capacity and the flute cup 250ml. The rabbit is said to be a symbol of love and healing. Chinese origin
Théière en porcelaine vintage frises fleuries | Théières à la folie Théière en porcelaine vintage frises fleuries | Théières à la folie

Vintage porcelain teapot with flower friezes

Vintage porcelain teapot with floral crown friezes on the lid and around the neck of the teapot. The old design is reminiscent of period starched skirts, the French floral frieze offers its warm tone in accordance with a fine gilding which highlights the curves and the movement of the stylized handle and the slightly long spout. Unpretentious, it reflects timeless times and will fit into any decor. 45% bone porcelain, passed at high temperature once at 1280°C, then once again at 1280°C, for a glaze under which the pattern will not move. Effect obtained, a luminous and translucent porcelain.  Teapot capacity 1L. Height 14.5cm. Chinese origin  Brand: Bacugi 
Théière porcelaine d'antan aux petites roses | Théières à la folie Théière porcelaine d'antan aux petites roses | Théières à la folie

Old-fashioned porcelain teapot with little roses

from $39.00
Old-fashioned porcelain teapot, with small roses delicately placed on a milky white. The style reminds us of our childhood, all very feminine curves and roundness. The stylish handle allows for a good grip. Light lace finish supported by discreet gilding. A charming rose blooms at the top of the lid like on the hats of yesteryear that our grandmothers wore. Its capacity allows a happy family conviviality for tea. We like the cups that have taken the tone and the bouncy trend, with the saucers in the shape of petals. White porcelain, underglaze printed patterns, hand-applied gilding. The small gold stainless steel spoons complete this charming picture. Ideal for Mother's Day. Capacity of teapot 1L, cups 245ml. Style: Retro/Romantic/Refined
Théière blanche porcelaine Europe tradition | Théières à la folie Théière blanche porcelaine Europe tradition | Théières à la folie

White porcelain teapot Europe tradition

from $54.00
Traditional European white porcelain teapot, modular with cups, sugar bowl and milk jug. The design is classic, with its beautiful embossed and elegant curves, a heritage of European history, the whiteness of the timeless and timeless porcelain, a fine and discreet gilding which highlights the main lines. These are all the conducive conditions for a tea service to fit into all decors, all homes without any lack of taste. We love the little rosebud that tops the lids of the teapot and sugar bowl.  Fine, white, luminous bone china. The teapot has a nice European capacity of 1100ml for 15.3 cm in height, the milk jug 200ml and 8cm in height, the 250ml sugar bowl has a height of 11.5 cm with its lid. Style: Traditional/European/Elegant Brand: Oimg
Service à thé pour 2 porcelaine kaléidoscope | Théières à la folie Service à thé pour 2 porcelaine kaléidoscope | Théières à la folie

Kaleidoscope Porcelain Tea Set for 2

Kaleidoscope porcelain tea set for 2. The pattern evokes cathedral stained glass windows, or oriental mosaics, very colorful and luminous. The lid of the teapot accentuates the impression of a kaleidoscope vault topped with its golden button. The gilding delicately accompanies the comma curves of the handles and the contours. The colors are bright, rich, the design is simple, modern and stable. The cups harmoniously complete the service, the saucers highlight the "double facet" details of the pattern.  Beautiful porcelain with underglaze applied pattern, hand-executed gilding. A valuable service, at the same time very functional.  The teapot has a capacity of 780ml and the cups 150ml. The set includes the teapot, 2 cups and 2 saucers, in a gift box. Style: Western/Modern/Multicolor. Certification: CE/EU   
Théière en porcelaine et tasses aux papillons | Théières à la folie Théière en porcelaine et tasses aux papillons | Théières à la folie

Porcelain teapot and butterfly cups

from $34.00
Porcelain teapot and butterfly cups: Here is a breakfast table covered in a swarm of butterflies! The teapot and its heating support, the sugar bowl and the milk jug with a "British tradition" design match. The butterflies stand out multicolored on the white porcelain, the cups are also matched by an interior wall with the same pattern, like their saucer, while their exterior wall is coated in a beautiful bright, solid color, under a shiny glaze. The pattern is joyful and light like breakfast on a spring morning. Beautiful bone china (45% Bone china). The patterns are integrated into the porcelain biscuit before being fired twice to be melted into the enamel which gives this vitrified effect. Fine, discreet gilding highlights the curves and movements of the design. The teapot has a capacity of 850ml, while the cups are between 170 and 200ml. Chinese origin. 
Service à thé porcelaine fraises du jardin | Théières à la folie Service à thé porcelaine fraises du jardin | Théières à la folie

Porcelain tea set strawberries from the garden

from $143.00
Porcelain tea service decorated with garden strawberries. The design is modern, simple, the pattern of frail and vibrant plants gives an almost childish note of candor. However, a strong and dense gilding covers the spout of the teapot and the handles, added to the small golden flower spoons to give this service the character of a luxurious gift, which can be made to perpetuate tea rituals. Beautiful bone china (45% Bone China), overglaze applied printing, and hand gilding. The teapot has a volume of 980ml, the cup 250ml. Style: Fresh/Modern/Luxurious Origin: Guangdong Brand: Oimg
Service thé porcelaine tons d'automne | Théières à la folie Service thé porcelaine tons d'automne | Théières à la folie

Autumn tones porcelain tea service

from $59.00
Porcelain tea set in autumn tones. Lovely European-style composition, the design is traditional, the centerpiece teapot enhances this set with its feminine curves. The patterns in natural shades go from green to red and evoke a soft mix of branches and berries that one encounters during a walk in the forest. The details are subtle, supported by gold combined with ocher tones, particularly on all the borders. A nice moment to share tea looms after this beneficial walk. High quality bone china, milky and fine. Patterns applied with finesse in overglaze. Gilding applied by hand. The teapot has a volume of 850ml, 23cm in height. The cups have a volume of 160ml and the saucers have a diameter of 15.6cm. The plates 20.5cm and 26.5cm in diameter. The 280ml mug. Origin: Guangdong

The most beautiful teapots in the world

Yes but what to choose? Everyone has their own style, way of life, each design, each material will find its owner.

A few hints: The glass teapot seduced by its transparency which allows you to see the amber limpidity of the tea, the tea flowers which infuse, it is practical, clean, has no influence on the taste, like its matching cups. It is even staged with various designs especially with magnetic teapots.

There porcelain teapot although fragile it is refined, it does not modify the taste of the tea, there are small chinese teapots adorable, including the ancestral Gaiwan still up to date, more sophisticated Western teapots, more popular English teapots. We even find electric teapots porcelain. The often wide associated cups allow olfactory pleasure while drinking your tea. 

The ceramic teapot offers a pleasure of colors, often artisanal it is authentic, as often the japanese teapot, which also sometimes presents surprising modern designs. Of varying quality, ceramic retains more or less heat. Ceramic mugs have a good capacity in volume and to keep warm

The clay teapot often remains pure craftsmanship. The variety of styles and original shapes fuse. Its material being naturally porous, it retains essential oils and keeps in memory the aromas and flavors of tea. It is used by lovers of more sought-after quality tea, we can only recommend the Yixing teapot in this case.

The stainless steel teapot is practical it finds its place in the family like the turkish teapot For example. It is also appreciated in the community because it is unbreakable, it does not fear corrosion, it supports movement by being transported everywhere, such as mugs or cups double-walled.

The copper teapot with its warm reflections evokes tradition, the house, the pleasure of polishing it. Its great quality is its good thermal conductivity therefore its power of uniform distribution of heat, its ionizing power, cooks and elders know it. 

The silver teapot a sign of luxury and elegance, often artisanal, it is resistant to corrosion and retains heat well. Do not neglect its bactericidal and fungal power which can impact health.

cast iron teapot especially reflects the Japanese tradition with its Tetsubin, it has a strong ability to keep heat, it is durable and can be passed on to the future generation.

There aluminum teapot is light, nomadic. For the hiker, it will be able to find a place in his backpack. 

And then, let's finish our "teapot mania" by treating ourselves to some small fantasies.