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The teapot the timeless gift.

The teapot is an object of conviviality that likes to gather. Here you will find what is difficult and tiring to search in the stores, because they are too scattered. The choice of Théières à la folie is to surprise, to allow you to say to yourself: “Oh that’s my (or his) style!” Because there is a choice of style: the flowered teapot, the Gaiwan the not ordinary, the precious, the funny, the authentic and the rustic. The weird ones, the classic ones, the antique ones, world teapots all of the best qualities with an array of materials, designs and prices to suit all tastes.

Théière et tasses porcelaine fine motifs légers | Théières à la folie Théière et tasses porcelaine fine motifs légers | Théières à la folie

Fine porcelain teapot and cups with light patterns

from $240.00
Modular teapot with its cups, fine porcelain with light and refined patterns. The teapot is small and round, its porcelain fine and bright. It supports simple, translucent and subtly colored patterns, for the 3 variants offered. We love the great classic blue, but the simple fruity and floral patterns are also very attractive. The round cups to echo the teapot are large and of a light subtlety, we will love the crystalline clicking of the porcelain during a pleasant tea time. 45% bone china (bone china). This one is particularly fine, its translucent white testifies to its finesse. The overglaze designs are fixed at high temperatures. The fine and discreet gilding is applied by hand.  The teapot has a capacity of 370ml, height 11cm and width 27cm. The 100ml cups, height 4.3cm and diameter 10cm. Saucer 13.5cm. Delivery with package. Style: Fine porcelain/Roundness/Simplicity Origine : Guangdong Brand: Oimg
Service à thé bleu et blanc grand classique | Théières à la folie Service à thé bleu et blanc grand classique | Théières à la folie

Classic blue and white tea set

Tea service for 4, blue white porcelain, a timeless classic. The luminous white porcelain is decorated with blue floral frieze motifs with finesse and clarity, a great Chinese classic. The gilding of the handles, the lid knob and in the designs with small touches accentuates the luminosity and luxury in this service. A wonderful gift to make, full of nobility, respect and ritual. Wonderful white jade porcelain. The blue white is also what indicates an ancestral technique, it consists of hand-painting the patterns in cobalt blue directly on the biscuit and then covering with a transparent glaze, fired at high temperature (1280°C). We then have a delicate and durable porcelain at the same time. The gilding is based on Heraeus gold oil imported from Germany. It contains 10g of 24-carat gold per 100g of gold oil. The service includes a teapot of 650ml and 13.5cm in height, 4 cups of 200ml and 5.6cm in height, with 4 saucers, 4 pretty golden stainless steel spoons accompany them. All tastefully placed in a box. Chinese origin.
Service à thé en porcelaine émaillée lotus 3D | Théières à la folie Service à thé en porcelaine émaillée lotus 3D | Théières à la folie

3D lotus enamel porcelain tea service

Charming tea service with enamelled porcelain tray, whose lotus theme is illustrated in 3D shaped by hand. The colors are soft, luminous, the tray evokes the waves of a pond where a lotus floats. The all-round teapot has a leaf lid with a lotus bud. The all-round cups, also in the colors of clear water, have a lotus sprout ready to blossom as a handle. A very beautiful set, to contemplate and appreciate like an exotic painting, to handle in a serene and quiet atmosphere between friends or in intimacy. The white bone china was originally brought in to be glazed with the enamel paints at the palace. Beautiful quality of enamel subjected to high temperature, exquisite whiteness, pastel and luminous colors. The set consists of a 26/27cm pond tray, 4 cups of 140ml 5cm high and the teapot 450ml and 10.5cm high.  Chinese origin Marque : Sizel
Service thé porcelaine nacrée rose  ou blanc | Théières à la folie Service thé porcelaine nacrée rose ou blanc | Théières à la folie

Pink or white pearly porcelain tea set

from $218.00
Pearly porcelain tea service in pink or white as precious and refined as a pearl necklace. The design refers to seashells, the cups are round and embossed with a brilliant white interior. We like the pearls placed on the handle of the cups, and the larger one, serving as a lid button. We also like the saucers for the B variants in the shape of a scallop shell. The whole is sophisticated and romantic at the same time.  Very good porcelain quality, the pearly glaze has been treated at very high temperatures.   Capacity of the teapot 1L, height 15cm, capacity of the cups 240ml Style: Precious/Romantic/Western Chinese origin Brand Wourmth
Théière en porcelaine bleue léopard et argent | Théières à la folie Théière en porcelaine bleue léopard et argent | Théières à la folie

Blue leopard and silver porcelain teapot

from $65.00
A blue porcelain teapot, dominant color on a leopard pattern and an original silver plating for the spout, the lid button and the handle for the teapot as well as for the cups and mugs. The porcelain of an immaculate white interior is enriched with a fascinating and definitely masculine leopard coat. The simple and basic design lets express the wild, exotic and adventurous style of this set. The blue is punchy, the silver as flattering as the usual gold. The bone china (good china at more than 36%), the overglaze printing on spicy is of quality, the hand silver plating is dense and forms a magnificent contrast with the white porcelain wall. Capacity of teapot 750ml, cup 200ml, mug 380ml Style: Western/Modern/Masculine Chinese origin 
Service thé ou café porcelaine marbrée art déco | Théières à la folie Service thé ou café porcelaine marbrée art déco | Théières à la folie

Art deco marbled porcelain tea or coffee service

from $328.00
Tea or coffee service in art deco marbled porcelain. The very modern pink and black pattern is a mix of luxury, romance and modernity. Marbling, geometry and gilding combine happily with a sleek and stable design. We like the esoteric side of the rosette formed around the button of lid marked with a triangle. The set is precious worthy of the 1920s who loved this style. Beautiful fine artisan porcelain with quality hand gilding.  Approximate capacities: teapot 700ml, milk jug 300ml, sugar bowl 280ml, cups 160ml Style: Art Deco/European/Luxury 11 pieces: 4 cups and 4 saucers, 1 teapot, 1 milk jug, 1 sugar bowl. 15 pieces: 6 cups and 6 saucers, 1 teapot, 1 milk jug, 1 sugar bowl. Note: Very nice package  Chinese origin  Marque : Xinchen
Théière porcelaine blanche avec léger feuillage | Théières à la folie Théière porcelaine blanche avec léger feuillage | Théières à la folie

White porcelain teapot with light foliage

from $79.00
Pretty white porcelain teapot with a light pattern of foliage full of delicacy and freshness. The design is round and smooth, the fine porcelain, with a luminous whiteness is shiny, highlighted by this pattern. We like the discreet and fine gilding on the edges, and in small touches, in particular the little flower on the button of the lid, or on the frieze which encircles the cup and its saucer.  Beautiful translucent, delicate bone china. The pattern has been applied in overglaze.  Nice capacity of the teapot 850ml, the cup 180ml. Style: Refined/Classic/Authentic Chinese origin Brand: Quail
Service à thé pour quatre design nordique | Théières à la folie Service à thé pour quatre design nordique | Théières à la folie

Tea set for four Nordic design

A tea service for four, the Nordic design is sober, modern and practical while remaining aesthetic. The cups are generous, we would like to talk about mugs. The teapot is very simple, in mauve, gray or bottle green, its line is without artifice, the ceramic is monochrome, with a white interior, functional and strong handles. Handicraft ceramic porcelain has been treated with high temperature, with quality pigmented glaze.  Capacity of the teapot 1 liter, cups 280ml. Style: Nordic/Modern Solid color Origine : Guangdong 

The most beautiful teapots in the world

Yes but what to choose? Everyone has their own style, way of life, each design, each material will find its owner.

A few hints: The glass teapot seduced by its transparency which allows you to see the amber limpidity of the tea, the tea flowers which infuse, it is practical, clean, has no influence on the taste, like its matching cups. It is even staged with various designs especially with magnetic teapots.

There porcelain teapot although fragile it is refined, it does not modify the taste of the tea, there are small chinese teapots adorable, including the ancestral Gaiwan still up to date, more sophisticated Western teapots, more popular English teapots. We even find electric teapots porcelain. The often wide associated cups allow olfactory pleasure while drinking your tea. 

The ceramic teapot offers a pleasure of colors, often artisanal it is authentic, as often the japanese teapot, which also sometimes presents surprising modern designs. Of varying quality, ceramic retains more or less heat. Ceramic mugs have a good capacity in volume and to keep warm

The clay teapot often remains pure craftsmanship. The variety of styles and original shapes fuse. Its material being naturally porous, it retains essential oils and keeps in memory the aromas and flavors of tea. It is used by lovers of more sought-after quality tea, we can only recommend the Yixing teapot in this case.

The stainless steel teapot is practical it finds its place in the family like the turkish teapot For example. It is also appreciated in the community because it is unbreakable, it does not fear corrosion, it supports movement by being transported everywhere, such as mugs or cups double-walled.

The copper teapot with its warm reflections evokes tradition, the house, the pleasure of polishing it. Its great quality is its good thermal conductivity therefore its power of uniform distribution of heat, its ionizing power, cooks and elders know it. 

The silver teapot a sign of luxury and elegance, often artisanal, it is resistant to corrosion and retains heat well. Do not neglect its bactericidal and fungal power which can impact health.

cast iron teapot especially reflects the Japanese tradition with its Tetsubin, it has a strong ability to keep heat, it is durable and can be passed on to the future generation.

There aluminum teapot is light, nomadic. For the hiker, it will be able to find a place in his backpack. 

And then, let's finish our "teapot mania" by treating ourselves to some small fantasies.