Petite théière porcelaine grise design japonais | Théières à la folie Petite théière porcelaine grise design japonais | Théières à la folie
Small gray porcelain teapot Japanese design $49.00
A small gray porcelain teapot, its Japanese design is that of the yokode. Stable, practical with its side handle, it will quickly become essential and necessary on a daily basis. Its beautiful almost pearly icy gray color makes it chic and elegant. Its hemmed spout to direct the jet, has grooves for better filtering, which adds to the aesthetics of this beautiful object. Capacity 200ml  Dehua porcelain, celadon glaze, appellation gris glacé. Artisanat de Hua Brand: NoEnName_Null 
​Théière japonaise rustique mordorée | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise rustique mordorée | Théières à la folie
Japanese Rustic Bronze Teapot $72.00
Small round teapot, with a V-shaped spout revealing the filter integrated in the pottery. Its design is Japanese, its bronze ceramic gives the effect of a golden metal, aged antique. Very beautiful rustic reflections due to its stay in the ovens of Dehua. Tea lovers appreciate this small teapot which is used for carefully chosen teas and to make the most of the essence of their leaves infused in small quantities. Very beautiful ceramic from Dehua (capital of Chinese pottery), it always comes out of the kilns with surprising and authentic results. This looks like French toast that has been left in the oven a bit too long. It is rustic, but allows itself small diversions such as the lid button and the ergonomic heart of the handle on which the thumb can rest.  Capacity of the teapot: 200ml Style: Pottery/Japanese/Rustic Marque : Luwu
Théière japonaise mordorée cubique Théières à la folie Théière japonaise mordorée cubique Théières à la folie
Cubic bronze japanese teapot $66.00
A small Japanese teapot in antique pottery, it seduces with its golden colors, its cubic shape with rounded edges. Its design is sturdy and rustic with its small spout and strong lid. A Japanese ceramic that goes to the essential, that of the tea ceremony which refocuses, poses and suspends time. Ceramics from the workshops of Dehua (capital of Chinese pottery) always marvelously surprising in its productions. This one took on a color and texture of "burnt bread" with golden reflections, which sometimes gives the impression of an antique metal teapot. Capacity of the teapot: 220ml Style: Pottery/Japanese/Antique Marque : Luwu
​Set à thé japonais céramique fleurie | Théières à la folie ​Set à thé japonais céramique fleurie | Théières à la folie
Japanese floral ceramic tea set $79.00
A lovely white ceramic tea set with pastel pink flowers full of freshness. The cherry blossom branch pattern is a theme dear to Japanese hearts. It is synonymous with renewal, ephemeral beauty, evolution. It symbolizes the beautiful and short life but also success. Here is a whole program around this pretty set with its wise cups for an authentic and serene Japanese-style tea. Very beautiful decorative and discreet ceramic, it will suit many interiors.  The set includes the teapot and 5 matching cups. The capacity of teapot: 590ml, cups: 110ml Chinese origin Brand: Cerakorie
​Théière japonaise céramique fruit sec mordoré | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise céramique fruit sec mordoré | Théières à la folie
Japanese ceramic teapot with golden brown fruit $50.00
A beautiful teapot with warm earth tones, one has the impression of having in the hands a large dry fruit, bronze bark. No, it's a ceramic from the Dehua workshops, the result is always striking, the interaction between the flames of the kilns and the clay has operated. Here is a rustic and elaborate artisanal teapot at the same time, as can be a Japanese tea ceremony, authentic, essential. Déhua porcelains are among the first in China, here we have a traditional craft, the flame worked the raw and natural minerals contained in the clay (old rock mud) of glaze at at least 1310°C, the textures change then with overlaps due to the multiple interventions. All teas are tolerated with such ceramic: green teas, black, Pu'er, Oolong, English tea... Capacity: 270ml
​Théière japonaise céramique pierre rustique | Théières à la folie ​Théière japonaise céramique pierre rustique | Théières à la folie
Japanese rustic stone ceramic teapot $123.00
A rustic teapot, which brings back to the earth in its curves, its colors of stone but also of metal, due to the minerals contained in the clay of the glaze. Everything is classy, ​​Japanese-style authenticity, with a desire to go straight to the point. The interior smells of earth, clay, the rock porcelain exterior strongly protects its content, the aromas and the taste of the tea.  Japanese design, with an internal filter, the typical Yokote side handle is hollow for insulation, the hemp that wraps it is also there to protect from burning.  Capacity: 450ml Style: Japanese/Pottery/Rustic Pottery from Dehua China
​Théière antique japonaise en gré vert | Théières à la folie ​Théière antique japonaise en gré vert | Théières à la folie
Japanese antique teapot in green stoneware $65.00
A small Japanese teapot with authentic nuances, the green sandstone has been embellished and "aged" in the ovens of the Dehua workshops. The shapes of the different models highlight the satin finish of their color by playing with the light. The burnt side gives an antique cachet.  The precious and uncertain change during the firings according to the temperature contributes to the natural variations of the glaze. When the temperature reaches 1300°C the mud material forms many capillaries which gives this particular grain. Good permeability and "tea juice" absorbent property. The capacities of the different models: A 175ml, B 170ml, C 170ml, D 180ml, E 180ml, they are small, always with a view to the tea ceremony. Origin: Dehua the Chinese capital of ceramics. Style: Crafts/Pottery/Japanese
​Théière/mug verre chat sympa japonais  |  Théières à la folie ​Théière/mug verre chat sympa japonais  |  Théières à la folie
Japanese nice cat glass teapot/mug $65.00
Japanese design for this solitary teapot which takes the form of a bulky mug. In glass, the shape is wide and stable, wooden handle, filter and lid in porcelain, with the fetish motif of the Japanese: a nice-looking cat. The trend comes more and more to the use of the filter mug with a capacity greater than the small Asian teapots. Perfectly transportable to work, it takes on the universal look intended for both men and women. This is a very trendy gift. Glass resistant to high temperatures, ergonomic wooden handle, beautiful porcelain filter, overglaze pattern. Capacity: 420ml  Certifications: CE/EU, CIQ,LFGB,EEC,SGS Marque : Tangpin
​Petite théière japonaise gré et lotus bleu | Théières à la folie ​Petite théière japonaise gré et lotus bleu | Théières à la folie
Small Japanese teapot and blue lotus $61.00
She is small, but how beautiful she is! completely round, we do not know if the motif of the superb lotus has taken on the roundness of the teapot, or if it is the teapot that has nestled in the almost open lotus. The blue-white classic of all cultures does not age, especially when designers do their best to adapt it to current tastes. Beautifully finished with a deep blue glaze, the hand painted design is simple, stylish and evocative. Neat craftsmanship Capacity: 140ml
​Service thé contemporain japonais | Théières à la folie ​Service thé contemporain japonais | Théières à la folie
Japanese contemporary tea service $87.00
A topical tea service, contemporary design, we recognize the style and its Japanese tendency to marry wood with simple, clean, clear ceramics that are not very complicated to live with, to handle. It will blend into any decor and will be ready to serve conviviality. The cups are particularly interesting with their wooden base which replaces the saucer. Solid wood also on the lid. The combination of ceramic and wood gives a noble and authentic look. Capacity of the teapot: 1.4L Stainless steel filter. 2 models: White or sky. With gift packaging: a nice present to make. Style: contemporary/Japanese/design Poterie de Dehua  CN : Fujian Marque : Tangpin
Théière japonaise Hasami Yaki Théières à la folie Théière japonaise Hasami Yaki Théières à la folie
Japanese teapot Hasami Yaki from $176.00
A teapot whose pottery comes straight from Hasami town in Japan. Beautiful ceramic strong and powerful in expression. Side handle is a Yokote, the models in black or brown are very different and yet we recognize the Japanese "claw" in the 2 styles. Stainless steel filter. Beautiful ceramics from Hasami whose use is the clay stone of this region. This type of pottery has flourished for 400 years, it remains popular and current with rich, fashionable and personalized designs. Fired at high temperature, the ceramic with its hand-painted patterns is hard and unalterable.  Capacity 300ml Japanese origin: Hasami city of Nagasaki prefecture Attention! very limited stock! 
Théière  japonaise moderne Théières à la folie Théière  japonaise moderne Théières à la folie
modern japanese teapot from $54.00
Japanese style revisited for this definitely modern and designer teapot. Clever combination of monochrome ceramics and wood. In black as in clean white, without concession it marries happily with the color as well as with the texture of the wood. Solid lid button and handle, as also cup saucers. The shape is simple, essential, stable and practical, we recognize Japanese design here, it knows how to update ancestral achievements. Always for a quiet, serene tea and in the best conditions. The teapot has a nice capacity: 1L, the cups too: 300ml Beautiful Dehua ceramics. The wooden cups are hollowed out for the stability of the cup. Style: Japanese/Nordic/contemporary/design Note: limited stock