​Théière artisanale indienne laiton | Théières à la folie ​Théière artisanale indienne laiton | Théières à la folie
Indian craft brass teapot $196.00
An artisanal brass (or yellow copper) teapot of Indian origin, its majestic design is richly engraved and polished by hand, the massive handle is beautifully forged. The frieze and rosette motifs have been engraved and chiselled with talent. A very beautiful object which, in addition to being useful, is an extremely decorative element for homes in search of subtlety. Brass is an ancestral alloy of copper and zinc at 60/40, sand cast, polished and chiseled by hand. Its beautiful capacity and its alloy allow it versatility in addition to its function as a teapot.  For maintenance: Keep it dry after use. To restore its shine, nothing better than a 1/1 mixture of salt and vinegar, rub with an iron sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly. Capacity: 850ml, height 16cm Origin: India Marque : EnergeSpring
Théière verre transparente petite japonaise Théières à la folie Théière verre transparente petite japonaise Théières à la folie
Japanese small transparent glass teapot $33.00
Here is a small transparent glass teapot that has been lightened by a cumbersome filter, and simplifies our lives. Japanese design with a wooden side handle, a material that adds nobility to this little yokode. The warm tones of the wood marry beautifully with the amber color of the tea. With a small perforated partition, the simple principle of filtering tea or herbal tea leaves gives a lot of pleasure in daily gestures. In addition, the flame-resistant glass allows you to heat the remaining beverage without worrying about decanting. High borosilicate glass has a quality of resistance to large thermal differences (-20 to 130°C). Glass is easy to clean and demonstrates unfailing hygiene. Capacity: 300ml  Marque Lizaotao
​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie ​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie
Retro China Yixing Clay Teapots from $57.00
A nice series of Yixing clay teapots, of various sizes, they have in common a modeled design, chiseled with great skill in the retro and antique china style. The tones of earth and waxed wood, very close to nature, are the main qualities of these superb teapots. Clay from the Yixing region "zisha" is also called purple clay, even though it is not purple. Thanks to its mineral composition, and the structure of its unique grain, its properties are excellent for maintaining a stable temperature in a teapot, variations (frequent causes of attenuation of the flavor of tea) are thus minimal. Note that all teapots have an internal filter.  A word of advice: suitable for all teas, but keep a preference of type, because clay has a memory of taste and aroma. Flavored tea, Oolong, puer, black tea... Authors: Folk artists Chinese origin  
​Théière cuivre turque traditionnelle | Théières à la folie
Traditional Turkish copper teapot $351.00
A Turkish artisanal copper teapot that has been forged, hammered and chiseled with talent and love for the traditional transmission of the know-how of the culture, its history. Superb "embroidered" floral motifs in pink and blue, the pink wooden handle is massive and easy to grip. The object is worked from top to bottom, including the richly decorated beak. The thickness of the copper is 0.8 mm, the inside is coated with tin, the outside is covered with a protective material so that the colors do not fade in the light.  Capacity of the teapot: 1.2L Turkish origin
​Théière double turque émail noir marbré  |  Théières à la folie ​Théière double turque émail noir marbré  |  Théières à la folie
Marbled Black Enamel Turkish Double Teapot $98.00
Modern version of the double teapot, in beautiful marbled enamel with golden reflections, it will fit well in a modern and dynamic family. Reminder of the gold for the handles and the lid button which supports the luxurious side. Capacity of the lower part the kettle 2.1L, of the upper part the teapot 1.1L. Style: Turkish/Luxury/Contemporary Turkish origin Marque : Elite Class
​Théière antique japonaise en gré vert | Théières à la folie ​Théière antique japonaise en gré vert | Théières à la folie
Japanese antique teapot in green stoneware $65.00
A small Japanese teapot with authentic nuances, the green sandstone has been embellished and "aged" in the ovens of the Dehua workshops. The shapes of the different models highlight the satin finish of their color by playing with the light. The burnt side gives an antique cachet.  The precious and uncertain change during the firings according to the temperature contributes to the natural variations of the glaze. When the temperature reaches 1300°C the mud material forms many capillaries which gives this particular grain. Good permeability and "tea juice" absorbent property. The capacities of the different models: A 175ml, B 170ml, C 170ml, D 180ml, E 180ml, they are small, always with a view to the tea ceremony. Origin: Dehua the Chinese capital of ceramics. Style: Crafts/Pottery/Japanese
Théière en pierre de Mongolie Théières à la folie Théière en pierre de Mongolie Théières à la folie
Mongolian stone teapot $196.00
It is round, it is small, it has the colors of sand and earth, this teapot embodies our beloved earth. Nicknamed the Chinese medical stone, it was carved by hand in Naiman Banner, in Inner Mongolia, which explains its preciousness. Its texture and color are wonderfully natural. The stone has been carefully selected, ensuring that it is clean for carving, and then sorted to remove any finished objects detected as cracked. Certain stains such as biotite (dark green, brown or black) are natural stains. The teapot has been completely trimmed, the inner holes of the filter and the spout as well. Capacity: 260ml, height 9cm, diameter 9.5cm (an almost perfect scoop)  Note: no teapot will be identical, since cut in natural stone. The shape is that of a Chinese. Brand: Nlslasi
​Service à thé pour 2, motifs géométriques | Théières à la folie ​Service à thé pour 2, motifs géométriques | Théières à la folie
Tea service for 2, geometric patterns $214.00
Tea service for 2, the design is European, contemporary, the geometric patterns are clean on a white porcelain. The designs are reminiscent of Turkish motifs for the white and red service. The other models in black and white, would rather evoke the ancient Greek forms, as for that of ocher color. The sets are elegant, stylish and simple. Nice head to head to offer. Generous capacities for cups and teapots. The services are delivered with 2 teaspoons with an original design. Cups: 200ml, Teapot: 1 Beautiful fine bone china, Designs are underglaze at high temperature, they will not fade. Marque : Kingcrown
Théière céramique Théière céramique
JianZhan "peacock" ceramic teapot $104.00
A marvel of Chinese pottery, here the JianZhan. A ceramic teapot in the colors of the peacock, changing reflections, enamel with a crystalline texture, moire patterns and crystal flowers. A real pleasure for the eyes and the senses. It seems that the tea water is improved by the ionic action of the components of this ceramic. The shape of the first model recalls that of a rhinoceros, the second model is simply a yokode, Japanese teapot with a side handle. The third model kept its traditional Chinese shape.  The clay-based glaze with a high iron content and vegetable ash, subjected to very high temperatures, undergoes extraordinary changes, crystallization. JianZhan was one of the representatives of the most famous black porcelain of the Song dynasties in China. Note: the interior of the teapot has kept the initial smooth appearance of the porcelain. Origin : Fujian Dehua
​Petite théière verte ​Petite théière verte
Small green "lotus petals" teapot $43.00
Small traditional Chinese ceramic/porcelain teapot, green monochrome color worked in shades to give a 3D impression, here of lotus petals. The enamel is luminous, the form simple but evocative. A stable little teapot that will accompany you in your daily life with talent. She will adopt all teas: green, black, white, red, Oolong, puer... The second version is lighter and brings out the effective relief in the porcelain. Celadon green glaze porcelain was highly developed under the names of Ru, Guan, Ge and Jingdezhen. Capacity of the teapot: 200ml Style: Retro/Chinese/Traditional Chinese traditional handicrafts Marque Lizaotao  
​Petite théière verte ​Petite théière verte
Small green "ice flower" teapot $66.00
A small teapot full of freshness, the enamel of the ceramic is shiny, the color loaded with pigment of a tonic and invigorating green. The light and powerful pattern was painted freehand. Small "cracks" in the thickness of the "ice" influence the light which plays with the colors with changing reflections, and gives them depth. The Borneol glaze is characterized by the application in several layers. 3D cracks reflect light and give relief to underglaze colors. Capacities of 2 models: the pear teapot is 170ml, the smallest 150ml, the Chinese ones are small, we can consider that they are individual teapots. craftsmanship Jingdezhen
​Petite théière chinoise ​Petite théière chinoise
Small Chinese teapot "ice crystals" $21.00
A small traditional Chinese teapot, which has kept its look and its incredible ceramic structure due to the sands of the Dehua region. Its color is crystalline, it seems "cracked into rose petals" letting the light seep into its depth, the appearance is shiny, delicate the color highlighted. As a result, all color variants are equally bright. The glaze made from purple sandstone from the Dehua region is thickly coated on the tire of the teapot. Treated at very high temperature, it crystallizes and forms 3D cracks and allows light to pass through its thickness. Traditional craftsmanship, ancestral know-how. Teapot capacity: 201/300ml Origin : Dehua Fujian