Théière chinoise artisanale céramique rouge | Théières à la folie Théière chinoise artisanale céramique rouge | Théières à la folie
Chinese red ceramic craft teapot from $132.00
Handcrafted Chinese teapot, in beautiful ceramic of a gleaming and rare red. In four beautiful capacity models, the designs are simple, traditional and show off bright, sparkling color. The porcelain is bright white inside, with filter at the spout inlet. Nice example of Chinese know-how that continues and knows how to evolve with the times. The porcelain kaolin is pure, the pigmented glaze has a shine worthy of a ceramic from Chinese craftsmanship. The capacities vary between 550ml and 560ml remarkable for a Chinese teapot. Style: Traditional/Chinese/Handcraft Author: Folk Artists Brand: Nlslasi
Théière chinoise motif mythique or et argent | Théières à la folie Théière chinoise motif mythique or et argent | Théières à la folie
Chinese teapot mythical pattern gold and silver from $30.00
Small Chinese teapot with a mythical pattern drawn in gold and silver by hand. The traditional enamel pattern in stylish black, gold and silver tracery depicts a fierce mythical creature named Taotie. The turquoise and red colors are intense and complement each other with the power and sharpness specific to ethnic designs. The teapot is small, it can be considered as an individual teapot, in any case extremely decorative it can be a collector's item. The teapot here is nicknamed Jinuyinco.  2 cup styles are available, with a capacity of 70ml and 80ml for the largest. The 130ml teapot suitable for tasting for all teas. This ceramic was based on a technique whose craftsmanship originated in the Bronze Age of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, with a system of filing with a knife to create grooves to introduce gold and silver. money. The supports have changed, the technique adapts. But the result is superb with shadow and light effects. The signature at the bottom of the teapot guarantees craftsmanship Faithful to the references of the craftsmanship of the intangible cultural heritage of China. Origine : Fujian-Dehua capital de la porcelain en Chine.
​Théière céramique Gaiwan la montagne | Théières à la folie ​Théière céramique Gaiwan la montagne | Théières à la folie
Gaiwan la montagne ceramic teapot $46.00
A Chinese teapot, solitary par excellence, a Gaiwan of a deep blue like the night from which stands out a snow-capped, silent and eternal mountain which seems to be reflected in calm water. This is what this gaiwan inspires in us, it invites us to take a moment of contemplative pose. Beautiful ceramic porcelain in stunning white on the inside, the outside is coated in a hand painted pigmented glaze of the intense white pattern which blends into the blue. The gaiwan dates from the Ming dynasty and is still popular, it is classified rather as a tea service. The elders say: "The lid for the sky, the saucer for the earth, and the bowl for man". Capacity: 140ml Brand: NoEnName_Null
​Théière artisanale chinoise argile | Théières à la folie ​Théière artisanale chinoise argile | Théières à la folie
Chinese handmade clay teapot from $93.00
An artisanal teapot, wonderfully modeled and sculpted in its clay, its warm brown colors inspire a love of the earth and natural beauty. The style is Chinese, the little teapot is from Yixing, with its traditional design of its workshops, where the know-how is perpetuated while remaining always to the taste of the present. It will be perfect for black teas, scented tea, Oolong, puer, dahongpao, tie guangyin. The clay although passed in furnace, remains a little porous and then keeps the odors and the tastes in memory. Over time, the teapot is lined with the essences of tea and takes on a real identity, especially if the tea used remains most often the same. The ancients say that the best tea is made in a clay teapot. All the more reason when this clay is Zisha, this purple clay from Yixing which still retains its fame. Capacities of the two variants: 300ml and 400ml Crafts whose authors are "folk artists" Brand: Nlslasi
​Gaiwan porcelaine bleu glacier craquelé  |  Théières à la folie ​Gaiwan porcelaine bleu glacier craquelé  |  Théières à la folie
Gaiwan Ice Blue Crackle Porcelain $43.00
A porcelain Gaiwan, of a brilliant and almost transparent ice blue, through which we perceive cracks which have formed during cooking. They are thin deep in the glaze, this limpidity blends beautifully with almost matte taupe-colored bands, on which immaculate white plum blossoms stand out. The bands encircle the body of the bowl, the cup and around the lid. Chinese plum blossoms evoke renewal after a hard winter represented here by the cracks in the glaze.  The gaiwan is a small teapot, which serves as a service on its own, the technique being to hold the lid which serves as a filter with your finger. It is an individual bowl that has gone through the ages of China and still remains to the taste of the present. The elders say: "the lid for the sky, the cup for the earth and the bowl for the person". A small matching teapot is present in the site: Cracked glacier blue teapot. Le bol de la gaiwan fait 170ml Porcelaine de Dehua Brand: NoEnName_Null
​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie ​Théières en argile de Yixing chine rétro | Théières à la folie
Retro China Yixing Clay Teapots from $57.00
A nice series of Yixing clay teapots, of various sizes, they have in common a modeled design, chiseled with great skill in the retro and antique china style. The tones of earth and waxed wood, very close to nature, are the main qualities of these superb teapots. Clay from the Yixing region "zisha" is also called purple clay, even though it is not purple. Thanks to its mineral composition, and the structure of its unique grain, its properties are excellent for maintaining a stable temperature in a teapot, variations (frequent causes of attenuation of the flavor of tea) are thus minimal. Note that all teapots have an internal filter.  A word of advice: suitable for all teas, but keep a preference of type, because clay has a memory of taste and aroma. Flavored tea, Oolong, puer, black tea... Authors: Folk artists Chinese origin  
​Théière chinoise en porcelaine ​Théière chinoise en porcelaine
Chinese porcelain teapot "anemones" from $41.00
A small Chinese teapot in beautiful porcelain with a fine and slender pattern of pigmented anemones flowers. This one in three interesting variants, by the size, but also by a version with gilding, more sophisticated. The shape is traditional, the whiteness is exquisite, the colors bright. Note that the gilding very happily enhances the brilliance of the motif. A teapot that will be compatible with all teas: black, white, Puerh, Earl Grey, Oolong... Capacities: 450ml, 700ml, 900ml, the model with foil has a capacity of 450ml. Beautiful 45% bone china, fine, white, translucent, the pattern applied in underglaze, the quality gilding (gilding water imported from Germany) in overglaze. Internal filter. Brand : LanBeiJia  
​Service à thé pour 2 chinois bleu saphir | Théières à la folie ​Service à thé pour 2 chinois bleu saphir | Théières à la folie
Tea service for 2 Chinese sapphire blue $433.00
A tea service in fine white porcelain dominated by an intense sapphire blue: The upper part of the teapot evokes with its lid the imperial forms of Chinese buildings. The delicate patterns of blue peonies occupy the whiteness of the body of the teapot and the two cups that accompany it. The bases are also enhanced with blue. The blue saucers welcome the whiteness of the cups. The gilding makes the transition with brilliance between the two opposite shades. To close this noble picture, the small golden spoons are equipped with a blue "imperial crest".  Capacity of teapot: about 900ml and cups: 200ml The bone china (bone china) is of high quality, 45% bone ash, baked twice at 1280°C, which makes it a diaphanous and luminous porcelain. The blue and gold glaze took shape with the porcelain during the second firing. The gilding water imported from Germany contains 15% gold at 24K. The 7-piece service includes: The teapot, 2 cups, 2 saucers and 2 spoons. Origine : Guangdong Marque : Linberg
​Théière porcelaine de jade fleurs émail  |  Théières à la folie ​Théière porcelaine de jade fleurs émail  |  Théières à la folie
Enamel flower jade porcelain teapot $646.00
A small, typically Chinese jade porcelain teapot in the traditional Xishi shape. Of a milky white and opaline, it is surmounted by flowers sculpted in clusters and marvelously enamelled with subtle colours. The lid itself is enhanced with a flower bud. A very nice gift for a romantic occasion. Jade porcelain is made from mineral rocks using modern nanotechnology. It is also called mineral porcelain (logical!). "she is immaculately white, crystal clear, moist as grease..." Two emblematic models: Plum blossoms, emblem of resistance to harsh times like winter, they come out all the more beautiful! Pink lilies symbols of affection and tenderness but also of fertility. They are small: 250ml, but so pretty.  Chinese origin
Petite théière Xishi motifs folklore Théières à la folie Petite théière Xishi motifs folklore Théières à la folie
Small Xishi teapot with folklore motifs $31.00
A famous little teapot in its Xishi style, we recognize its roundness, the folk-type motifs are hand-painted on a celadon porcelain, shiny and smooth. A little Chinese that has everything of a big, it is the must of everyday life to prepare a tea whether black, white or green.  Porcelain classified celadon, the pattern is painted in underglaze, the enamel obtained by high firing (1360°C) makes it a shiny, smooth, healthy and harmless enamel. Capacity: 150ml, height: 7.3cm, width with spout: 12.1cm Origine : Guangdong Marque : Kurisuta
Théière en pierre de Mongolie Théières à la folie Théière en pierre de Mongolie Théières à la folie
Mongolian stone teapot $196.00
It is round, it is small, it has the colors of sand and earth, this teapot embodies our beloved earth. Nicknamed the Chinese medical stone, it was carved by hand in Naiman Banner, in Inner Mongolia, which explains its preciousness. Its texture and color are wonderfully natural. The stone has been carefully selected, ensuring that it is clean for carving, and then sorted to remove any finished objects detected as cracked. Certain stains such as biotite (dark green, brown or black) are natural stains. The teapot has been completely trimmed, the inner holes of the filter and the spout as well. Capacity: 260ml, height 9cm, diameter 9.5cm (an almost perfect scoop)  Note: no teapot will be identical, since cut in natural stone. The shape is that of a Chinese. Brand: Nlslasi
Théière céramique Théière céramique
JianZhan "peacock" ceramic teapot $104.00
A marvel of Chinese pottery, here the JianZhan. A ceramic teapot in the colors of the peacock, changing reflections, enamel with a crystalline texture, moire patterns and crystal flowers. A real pleasure for the eyes and the senses. It seems that the tea water is improved by the ionic action of the components of this ceramic. The shape of the first model recalls that of a rhinoceros, the second model is simply a yokode, Japanese teapot with a side handle. The third model kept its traditional Chinese shape.  The clay-based glaze with a high iron content and vegetable ash, subjected to very high temperatures, undergoes extraordinary changes, crystallization. JianZhan was one of the representatives of the most famous black porcelain of the Song dynasties in China. Note: the interior of the teapot has kept the initial smooth appearance of the porcelain. Origin : Fujian Dehua