Porcelaine de Dehua (en haut) porcelaine de Jingdezhen (en bas)

Dehua or Jingdezhen ceramics?

For centuries, since the Ming dynasty, the city of Dehua has produced porcelain using the Kaolin clay surrounding this region. Originally, the production of this porcelain was used for export and for private daily newspapers. While the city of Jingdezhen enjoyed and benefited ...

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​Les Théières Chinoises de Jingdezhen  | Théières à la folie

Jingdezhen Chinese Teapots

A little insight into Jingdezhen porcelain and ceramics. In fact we knew them more or less but we didn't know it. The blue and white Yaobian, the green Cedalon, the enamel effect Wucai, the Doucai with a thousand colors and the Rose with complicated and detailed patterns....

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