Les styles, de quoi parle t-on?

The style of a teapot, what are we talking about?

A teapot can evoke a feeling, a memory, an emotion that gives it the style we attribute to it through this filter. It can be romantic, retro, fun, too small, too big, always depending on what you feel when you see it, when you use it, the judgment is partly subjective since it...

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2023 Théières à la folie dans le monde entier | Théières à la folie
2023 MONDE

2023 Madness Teapots Available Worldwide

Why do all the shopping, to find 1 or 2 teapots without conviction? Here, you have time to look at all the shelves, and good news: there are only teapots... of all kinds, for all tastes, for the young, the not so young, the romantics and the avant-garde. ...

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