The mug, where does it come from?

It is an object whose fashionable use is very recent, the object is socially an element of communication, it is elegant, practical, modern or funny, it expresses the personality of each person, fanciful, sober, rustic, classic or wacky. 

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Summary :

It is true that the mug has nowadays taken a special place in our daily life, at home and at work, this object has become emblematic of a lifestyle. We see an explosion in the use of the word in our vocabulary, particularly from 2010 and we are tempted to believe that it is brand new in our history, and yet!

From an etymological point of view, the word could come from "mokke", a Germanic word, (mock of cider, bolée of cider) a term that the French navy used from the 17It is century, which means cylinder with handle. Mug may also come from the Scandinavian word “mugg”.

In fact, the mug is a bucket, larger than the cup, perhaps humbler than a tankard which is sometimes used as a measure. But in any case its origin concerns the entire European Atlantic coast: We remember stories of Vikings, of Gauls clinking glasses with enormous mugs.

The mug dates from 6000 to 3000 BC. First made of carved wood, then with the appearance of pottery and the wheel, these objects evolved, however the edges remained thick and it was not until 600 AD, in China, that the mug became refined. with thinner walls thanks to porcelain.

We translate "cup" for the English word "mug", and yet there are notable differences between mug and cup . The main difference is the capacity from single to double, and then the cup being more flared needs a saucer to compensate for possible overflows.

Today the use of the mug is daily and versatile, it allows you to serve hot and cold drinks at any time and anywhere. Handy with materials of all kinds, glass, insulating double-walled stainless steel, porcelain, resin, ceramic, wood, silver and even electrical. It is an elegant, practical, modern or fun object that reflects everyone's personality, fanciful, sober, rustic, classic or eccentric. It is an object of conviviality in any social place, or alone. It is a communication gateway, where everyone expresses themselves.

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