What are the differences Tea, herbal tea, infusion

The boundary between the terms tea, herbal tea, infusion and also decoction or maceration is thin. We often say tea to simply mean a herbal drink that will warm and comfort us.

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Summary :

What these terms have in common is the extraction of beneficial substances from plants.

 Infusions: Both tea and coffee are infusions, generally hot (cold infusions take much longer to extract the active ingredients).

Herbal tea can be made in the same way, either from a specific herb, or from a mixture of herbs depending on the desired effect such as astringent, soothing, etc. or for more complex problems to treat. The properties of the herbs thus extracted will be different depending on whether they are dry or fresh. It’s easy to say that we made a tea.

 The decoction is the concentrated form of the infusion or tea. The active plant will be placed in cold water and then brought to a boil: This method is very useful for herbs that do not easily release their beneficial substances or for tougher roots. The decoction will be more concentrated the longer it is simmered. The decoction contains on average four times more active substance than tea.

 Maceration is classified before infusion and decoction: This involves soaking the chosen herbs in water at room temperature for several hours.

 Tea comes from a small shrub called their, native to Camellia sinesis from the Far East. This drink extracted from its leaves contains theine. Tea, whether black, yellow, green or white, is always extracted from the same plant; the differences come down to the harvesting methods and the ways in which it is processed. Tea contains theine, or caffeine (the molecule is the same), however, the dose is much lower than espresso. However, to limit its effect, you can throw away the first water infused for a few seconds, but be careful, its renowned anti-oxidant effect will also be limited since it is contained in the first water.

Tea is an active plant, depending on its treatment it will develop varied actions for the human body. We know, for example, that green tea, particularly puer rich in catechin and polyphenol, will have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of cholesterol levels and will prevent excess triglycerides, so it will be useful in weight loss. Black tea is loaded with the antioxidant theaflavin. As for white tea, it is renowned for being the antioxidant champion.

 You have understood, tea and herbal tea are on the same level of concept and it is not uncommon to make tea enhanced with fragrant plants or with therapeutic effects. The means of extracting substances from plants are maceration, infusion or decoction which will be chosen according to their nature and the desired effect.


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