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Turkish tea purists claim that poşet çay is far inferior to loose Turkish tea brewed in a samovar.

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Théière turque traditionnelle émaillée | Théières à la folie

Summary :

Some write it Turkish or "Turkishe" teapot because in the French language objects are put in the feminine or in the masculine. We also simply say a double teapot or "Çaydanlik" in the Middle East, mainly in Turkey. 

La turkish teapot isthematic, often brightly colored, decorated with very artistic what makes her a beautiful decoration.

With and grand family volume, she is durable and accompanies the whole life of a family, car usually made of stainless steel, brass or copper. Versatile for everyone THE types of tea, they are perfect for controlling the temperature of tea. 
The double kettle is of our time, most of the time made of stainless steel and has a capacity of at least one to three litres For the tea-pot superior and a capacity of 3 liters afterur the lower kettle. Black tea is the most popular in Türkiye. A Turkish teacup contains 120g of tea, which is approximately 71mg of caffeine. turkish tea, is a black tea called it Who comes from the Chinese word chá This which means tea. In Turkey, the tea is generally known as Rize tea and comes from the province of Rize on the eastern Black Sea coast. 
Tea prevents dental diseases, facilitates blood circulation, prevents arteriosclerosis, fatigue and depression. It purifies urine, renews metabolism, also decreases the risk of heart attack. 
Turkish tea enthusiasts say that tea bags not worth the Turkish loose leaf tea, brewed in a samovar. On pfirst thing you are offered when you are received in a Turkish family, It is tea, never alone Besides, always accompanied by cupcakes, confectionery. Tea is drunk all the time, whenever, anywhere. It is poured the more often in "çay bardagi" tulip glasses, a design that originates from the time of the Ottoman Empire.
SO, to make a good Turkish tea you need the double teapot Turkish!
How to use: The double teapot looks like a kettle below, bigger than the teapot above. Bring the water in the lower kettle to a boilIt is while we put the tea in the upper teapot at the rate of one teaspoon per intended glass of tea. Then add a little water on the tea to rinse it, then we throw the water, the tea stay SO wet in the teapot. Onplace the teapot over the hot kettle until it boils, meanwhile the tea will begin to infuse. little trick d’ande Turkish hostess : On create a small space by shifting the teapot from kettle to prevent boiling water from boiling over and splashing. Then pour the boiling water into the teapot, note: the tea floats on the surface. We replace the teapot on the kettle if necessary completedof water and let simmer over low heat. LThe infusion time will last 10 to 15 minutes, the time for thes sheets of tea of descendre at the bottom of the teapot. The tea is ready. It is rather dark amber, ihe is ready to be traditionally served In the small tulip-shaped glass. For those who love tea fort on nothing to add to it. Snowhere to have it lighter we filled the glass more or less Some tea and add hot water this is often the case with ladies Who add to itnt a slice of lemon, it can be sweetened with honey, or more commonly with sugar cubes.
There are many kinds of Turkish tea with different tastes. However, they are all united not only by the shape of the glass but also by This unique taste, this drop of bitterness, This slightly acid taste and this astringent flavor. 
We can say in a way that making Turkish tea is an art!


Je trouve que cette théière est très bien décorée de A à Z, et sa structure et son fonctionnement se décrit bien à son style. Je pense que son potentiel est élevé.

Mr J on 20 May 2023

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